Grandchild Visit

My son and grandson (5years old) are planning to visit Taipei from Seattle. Trip here is planned for about March 22. My son will ONLY be visiting and touring and for less than 30 days. My grandson will be staying for about 4 months with me and my wife. Here is what I understand to date.
My son is OK with a landing visa.
My grandson will need a 60 day renewable tourism visa.
My son will need a notorized authorization letter from the child’s mother so that the father can travel with his son alone.
Of course, both father and child will need a passport.
I will need a health care power of attorney for my grandson.
I and my wife will need a notorized authorization form from both father and mother so that I or my wife can take the child home to Seattle without the child’s parents.
What am I missing?
Do I need to have the authorizations translated to Taiwanese?
Does my grandson NEED a longterm visa if he is staying with a grandparent?
What other stumbling blocks will I encounter?
Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Is your wife Taiwanese? Or are you? If not, I don’t see how you’ll get the child’s visa extended. After all, he’s neither working nor studying. “Visiting family” means visiting Taiwanese family.
Why not go to the Foreign Affairs police, where foreigners get their visas extended, and ask them directly? (Although you might end up getting more than one answer.)

I will give that a try. I hadn’t really considered the possibility that they wouldn’t extend his visa if he is a child and living with a relative - even if it is a short term (4 month visit). I am American with an ARC. Anyway, I’ll be direct but, as you suggested, I won’t be trusting the information very strongly.

Go to the FAP and ask…I’m sure they will make an exception for a child, especially a five year old.

There is such a thing as a spousal ARC isn’t there? Stands to reason that you could add a child in similar fashion. Then again, this is Taiwan.