Grandma cremated on family BBQ

bizzare indeed … 41117.html

Yikes, I hope they cleaned the grill before inviting friends over for the next BBQ.

Their picture made me clean my screen. What is that on the son’s head? To me it looks like a tattoo of a ice cream cone (no joke). But seriously, what is it…

Dunno, but in this pic she’s apparently wearing a piece of granny’s skull in that necklace.

Kathleen Theresa Allmond of Corning is shown wearing a necklace that sheriff’s investigators say contains a piece of her mother’s skull. The white portion of the necklace that encircles a medallion-shaped object is believed to be a part of Ramona Yolanda Allmond’s skull, Capt. Paul Hosler said. This photograph was posted on Kathleen Allmond’s MySpace Web site, Hosler said.