Graphics cards for laptops

What’s the best current graphics card for a laptop?

I know that in a month this will all change. But I am in the market for a laptop and I want one with a good graphics card. What does everyone think Nvidia or ATI?


GeForce Go 7900 GTX (SLI)

Don’t expect to find one in Taiwan. You’ll probably need to import it from a “performance notebook SI” such as Rock or Alienware.

Well, it really depends what you need and what type of notebook you want and how deep pockets you have. Sure a 7900 GTX will be the fastest thing around, but it’ll be a big heavy thick ugly notebook in most cases. Oh, Rik, they’re all made in Taiwan or China, the Rock machines are usually from Arima or Compal or one of those guys, all based locally :wink:
Although this one from Arima doesn’t look half bad - if it was real…
Acer have some decent models and so does Asus. Even Gigabyte and MSI have some pretty decent laptops these days.
I’d go with a mobile version of the 7600 or X1600 from ATI, as long as you don’t get a super high res screen. Make sure you check the clock speeds of the graphics cards though, as there are at least 2-3 different versions of each model…
Let me know more specifics of what you’re looking at getting and I might be able to point you in the general direction of something decent. … rari_5000/
It’s pretty snazzy imho…
But damn expensive