Graphics cards shortage

Block chain is not solely crypto currency.

It’ snot all bad, it could be useful but the speculation gives it a less respected reputation.

Are they really available, or just on display? I was talking with a friend last night and he happened to mention that many of the sellers were only willing to sell stuff if he bought multiple components, e.g., he wasn’t able to buy a processor without also buying a motherboard.

I mentioned stores make 50nt on a cpu or gpu, so i guess i can understand why. But also because the various processor architecture requires unique motherboard, it makes little sense to buy cpu alone.

I think the issue was that his regular store didn’t have the processor he wanted, so he bought a graphics card, motherboard, memory, and some other stuff from there and wanted to go elsewhere for the processor, but they wouldn’t sell it to him without the motherboard so he had to go and return the original motherboard to the first place.

Guanhua stores are weird sometimes. I mean they likely pay hundreds of thousand on rent per month but the inventories they sell have such low markup i think someone is cooking the books.

But have anyone here bought cpu or gpu wholesale before? Is the profit margin that bad?

I don’t know how relevant this is to CPUs/GPUs, but I remember the markup on hard drives in Guanghua apparently being considerably more than 50 TWD - more like several hundred, as in, the same hard drive I could buy for 4100 TWD on Shopee was consistently around 4300-4400 TWD in Guanghua.

It’s kind of repeating but many places like teashops, vape shops a.o. are just money laundering schemes.

I can see a few shops here and there but no way all of them being money laundering outlets. I mean prices are so low, and consistently low that no way an entire street of outlets are money laundering.

It’s 56,000 USD.
You should have bought a few.

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I think there are some ponzi stuff going on there. No way something can go from 1 USD to 50,000 USD in such a short time. What in the world are they worth? I mean are miners help making blockbuster movies? I seriously doubt some guy rendering 3D scenes will use bitcoin miners to do it.

57,039 USD

You keep quoting me prices. If I hold one bitcoin, what does that bitcoin represent in goods or services?

Or is it just some guys fapping up numbers that adds nothing to the economy? Because that’s just fiat currency that isn’t backed by a government.

You asked me what is worth and it’s very easy to find what it’s worth. It couldn’t be clearer.

It’s some rich guy willing to pay that amount, for now. Just like stocks at any company.

But does one bitcoin represent 50,000 dollars worth of goods or service?

Something smells very wrong about this, and I think it’s a matter of time before it completely collapses.

GPUs for Bitcoin mining is old news unless you live in a place where electricity is very cheap. They may be people mining a different coin and hoping to convert it at a good exchange rate, but that doesn’t sound like a good long term strategy. Only Antminer or similar is profitably.

As for GPUs, just buy one online. Shopee or Ruten or there are lots of 3C stores online. You can get one cheap 2nd hand. I’m shopping for one right now.

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is there any risk buying second hand GPU? I’ve bought second hand RAM chips on ebay before and it crapped out after a few months. Kept getting CRC errors when installing programs or extracting RAR files, and it ended after I took the offending RAM stick out.

Yes, 2nd hand is always a risk. I got burned on a good pair of headphones a few months ago, but overall I save money. New old stock or refurbished products are better if you can get them.

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I wrote this after I saw someone packing one higher end GTX on his scooter… But yes, he also had other components, at least a case that I could see. So yes, your buddy’s impression may be correct.

Yes, I think so. Especially if someone was mining with the card before - running full load / hot 24/7 is not good for the silicon, and probably also the fan is not brand new any more after screaming away relentlessly for months or years. On the other hand, unless you want to use the card for many years to come, the risk us probably not huge.

Also, the person you buy from could have mishandled the card, both mechanical damage (ripped off components) or ESD. The latter is not super high concern in humid Taiwan, though. Finally, why does the seller want to sell? There might be something wrong with the card.

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But I am not even sure there are much savings anymore. I was going to buy Radeon RX580 8G that offered me at least double performance compared to the 1050 2G I have. I didn’t buy it because I was short on money. The card was almost 3000 used, what made me not pull the trigger is the fact that I’d have to buy a new power supply too.

But I went back and saw that same card is now over 5000nt used! I always thought computer parts depreciated in price, not appreciate.

What I have now will play Cyberpunk 2077 without too much difficulty, at 1080p however.

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How so? Maybe would deserve a thread in its own… But please explain which IT problem is better solved by Blockchain than any other “Standard” technology like database etc.

There was a study 2018 looking for success stories:

“We found a proliferation of press releases, white papers, and persuasively written articles,” Burg et al wrote on Thursday. “However, we found no documentation or evidence of the results blockchain was purported to have achieved in these claims. We also did not find lessons learned or practical insights, as are available for other technologies in development.”

Not sure if anything changed since then. At least IBM recently killed it’s Blockchain team:

There is not really going to be a blockchain team any longer,” said a person familiar with the situation.
Job losses at IBM NYSE: IBM escalated as the company failed to meet its revenue targets for the once-fêted technology by 90% this year, according to one of the sources.
Expectations for enterprise blockchain were too high, they said, adding that IBM “didn’t really manage to execute, despite doing a lot of announcements.

I’d REALLY love to hear a success story. A real one, that is significantly better than standard tech. Hmmm… My employer offers (amongst a plethora of other services and various hardware) to check Blockchain projects for viability - maybe I should ask these colleagues. But the examples they gave in their presentation about “success stories” seem… Well… I think it could have been done as good with old fashioned tech.

As much as I like altcoins for paying, and as much as I enjoyed mining many years ago when I did it for fun and education… I’m afraid Blockchain is only a hype.

Change my mind.