Graphics cards shortage

Like I said, I’ve haven’t thought about this since early 2018. I am not in IT, but I had been working in the fabled Kodak research center when they announced a block chain method for image files. Deep fakes were in the news at the time, so I figured Bchain could help thwart such, as well as perhaps certifying interactions as casual was ours, in this thread for example.

Elon bought 1.5 bil in Bitcoin. The price increased and his holdings are assumed to be worth more than all of Tesla.

If you ever do buy something else tell me if you want to get rid of your 1050. I don’t play video games, just video work, so I don’t need the latest. If I’ve not bought something else buy then I might be interested. I’d have to check about the power supply, too. I don’t know much about the power end of things. I just replaced my old one one with the same specs. I don’t know if something different wouldn’t be compatible with the motherboard.

I mean a story that shows Blockchain technology is solving some problem better than other standard tech. Not someone investing in / speculating on any cryptocurrency.

Was that the (now dead) KodakCoin?

Or the (never alive) Kodak KashMiner?

I guess the KodakOne portal still somehow involves a Blockchain, but Kodak pivoted away from photography (again) anyway in order to make wonder drugs for Trump.

I wonder how that ended up…

they all use PCI Express x16.

The problem is more powerful GPU draws more power, especially if they have a seperate PSU connector. My PSU is simply marginal for what I have now and if I wanted to use say RTX 3070 then my PSU will crap out and possibly cause endless crashes.

If you ever bought a pre built PC (which I do not recommend) and it is always unstable, suspect the PSU.

1050 isn’t that energy demanding so you most likely will not need to do anything about the PSU.

What PSU (type and manufacturer) do you have? And what is your rough general config?

It’s a no name true watt 350 watt power supply. It works for what I have now and the system is relatively stable.

A RX580 has a power need of about 85 watts. No way my current PSU will cut it.

System config:
Core i3 8100
Geforce 1050 2G
16G of RAM
1TB harddrive (not SSD)
no name 350 watt (true) psu

I like to upgrade but can’t spare any money to do it. Right now I struggle to pay rent/food already.

Most of the useful systems that use blockchain technology are centralized systems, like Ripple’s currency exchange (not XRP) and Etherem’s dApp uses, which is largely tokens for other uses especially gambling. There was talk of Taipei using IOTA for their electronic ID system but nothing came of it. So there are some uses but not many yet. Quantum computing may wreck any secrecy it offers.

Yeah 350W should be way too little for a RX580 :smiley: That is a monster with around 325W on it’s own… and we have to keep in mind that normal ATX PSUs have 5V/3.3V rails, so the 12V power (which is what you need for CPU and GPU) will be well below the “rating” that such PSUs have. The label on the PSU should tell you exactly how many Amps for the 12V rail(s).

So I’m guessing you have roughly (including power conversion losses):

65W Core i3 8100
15W 16G of RAM
10W 1TB harddrive (not SSD)

So let’s say ~100W for the base system.

75W Geforce 1050 2G

That looks OK still. 130W for a RTX 1060 could still work I guess - but depends on how new the PSU is, eg. what current is supports on 12V1 and 12V2…

Not really.
Decentralised finance is just that and it’s already huge. Mostly based on Ethereum.
I have already used dapps to borrow money and earn money, so have many many others.

That’s the prize idiots pay for it, not the value. Any coin to be workable should not increase in value that much, should not be susceptible to speculation this enormous.

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Rich people will buy a bunch of stuff, say stocks, cryptocurrency, or whatever. Then that causes the value to rise. Then idiots buy them hoping its value will go up too. Then the rich folks will short sell it, make a bunch of money, while the idiots who bought is left holding the tabs.

That in a nutshell is how the rich robs from the poor.

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