Grass skiing

We are planning a 1 wk visit to Taiwan in october. I have heard about the grass skiing resorts that have sprung up in recent years. We are pretty experienced in down hill skiing, and wondering if there are good grass skiiing places near Taipei, Hualian or Taitung? Thanks for any info anyone might have. :smiley:

Lonely Planet a few years ago mentioned grass skiing near Tamshui. I’ve never seen the place, if it exists.

The only place I know for sure that has grass skiing is just past Meinong and the way to Liugui in Kaohsiung County. If you want the number and address send me a pm.

I love skiing on grass, except it affects my spatial judgement abilities a bit.

It took me a few seconds to get that. “What the hell is Sandman on?” I thought, which of course then lead me to understand what he had written.

Don’t know if this info is still current but you can call:

The beautiful Dungshr Forest Recreation Park is located in Dungshr Town, Taichung County. The park is fully equipped with barbecue areas, camping and recreational sites, forest hiking trails, a horse riding center, mountain climbing training area, man-made ski slopes, etc. The park is located at 6-1 Shrlin St., Dungshr Town, Tel:(04) 587-2191. Opening hours: 06:00 - 22:00. Admission fees: Adults NT$200, children NT$160.