Grave Robbing or Grave Moving?

Hiking recently passed near a graveyard and saw these. It looks new because the brickwork is still bright red and hasn’t weathered.

Looks like the first one they made the hole big enough to drag something large out.

Atop the graveyard just west of Xinhai Station behind the driving school

Official hiking trail


There’s always the chance that they simply escaped. :grimacing:


Could be they just moved the bones for different reasons.? I’ve also seen plots where graves were destroyed for redevelopment.
Graverobbing isn’t unknown either though.


Taking pictures of tombs. That’s a big no-no here. Now everyone who clicks this thread will be haunted.


They tend not to leave valuables in the graves, although I guess skulls sell for something on the black market.

Most likely either being moved due to redevelopment plan for the land or their lease has run out, or less likely the family is moving and bringing them with them… Most of these locations require a lease and “rent” to be paid on a periodic basis, if not paid you get evicted!

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No escaping eviction orders even after death, can one get evicted from a heaven or hell too? :wink:

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Traditionally you’d have to take out the bones and fix them up a bit every now and then. Cant remember the details.In this case they have been removed.

Recently a lot of Taiwanese moved their ancestors remains to family temples , so they don’t go to the individual grave anymore for tomb sweeping festival. It’s all kind of convenient but missing a little the excitement of the old times visiting and cleaning the grave and setting off fireworks.

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Seems like proper removals would use the front door instead of knocking holes in walls and crashing through partial openings.

Or possibly the family just ask someone else to manage it or the family is out of the picture now or…?

Likely them picking up the bones and all that…

Did not know that.

I wonder if skulls are used just as a skull or religious purpose or, purely guessing, some other uses like grinding up for Chinese medicine. I know that sounds crazy but there are stranger things.

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