Just curious… why was this floundered?

After all, we reprimand people for starting new threads on topics that already exist… so…???

Yeah, why even save threads if people are not allowed to use them?

From the Rules:

There was no new substance added to [url= thread[/url]. I also know for a fact that the original poster (friend of a friend) hasn’t been involved with the project for years. The post would have been better served as a PM, IMO, except that the original poster no longer has an account at Forumosa, it’s been so long. He did, however, leave his e-mail, so perhaps the post should have been e-mailed.

Now, repeat after me:
Feedback goes in the Feedback Forum. Feedback goes in the Feedback Forum. Feedback goes in the Feedback Forum… :wink:

I think somebodies mouse slipped, ran over breadcrumbs or had an unexpected convulsion.

Yes, but feedback to what? By moving Tigerman’s post here without telling us where he originally posted it, we have no idea what post he was talking about. When you moved Tigerman’s post here, you should have added a link or some info to tell us where it was originally.

I did add the link - you missed it. Look again. :wink:

My bad. Sorry, I must be going blind.


Despite that fact that I failed to notice the post dates when I replied to it earlier, I was somehow skeptical. Thanks for handling this as you have and saving me, and maybe others, a lot of wasted time composing sincere replies for no reason.