Graves in Canada

I’ve voted Green/NDP locally never federally. If you believe in stronger powers for provinces and less centralism, Tories are the only real option federally (although I prefer a Charest or a MacKay to a Harper). Then vote for the candidate and not party at the city or provincial level (which has meant I have voted NDP, Green and Tory depending on their local profile). Hardly ever vote Liberal (exception for Gordon Campbell in the past) if I can help it.

I’d vote for Idi Amin before I’d vote for Christy Clark.

Yup, i basically agree. However i just cant vote torrie post harper. I wouldthem over liberals, buut i wouldnt vote for either…i vote green simply becaus i want to few seats of green in.there for checks and balances. Torries, liberals and ndp are all fucking terrible when it comes to common sense sustainability. Not that the green are great, but its good to have their voice in the mix. In my province the green/ndp coop to oust the libs has proven useless as usual.

Hehe, you liked Campbell. I think a lot of people liked him after he got rid of photo radar :slight_smile:

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Refuse to consider them federally based on streaks of anti-Semitism that seem to appear from time to time.

Interesting, I’m listening…havent heard this one before.

During the long reign of former leader Elizabeth May, it was clear the Greens were drawing significant support from Canadians with fairly deranged opinions about Jews. I’d argue this was because May made dog-whistling to conspiracy theorists a cornerstone of her brand, and when any movement signals it’s a safe space for cranks, it doesn’t take long before antisemites show up. Take convicted Holocaust denier Monika Schaefer, for instance, who was a two-time Green candidate under May. Schaefer was the most high-profile antisemite to call the party home, but hardly the only one.

The party’s more mainstream faction, meanwhile, spent the later May years passing resolutions in favor of revoking the charity status of the Jewish National Fund and endorsing the movement to impose “boycott, divestment and sanctions” on Israel. The sponsor of the latter motion (which was subsequently watered down following outrage from Jewish groups) was Dimitri Lascaris, the party’s leading anti-Israel obsessive, who has been condemned by everyone from [B’nai B’rith]…(Green Party Justice Critic Advocates on Behalf of Terrorists - B'nai Brith Canada) to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the way he talks about Israel and Jews. After May finally quit in 2019, Lascaris ran to replace her and was only narrowly defeated on the eighth ballot by Paul in 2020.
Opinion | Canada’s Green Party remains a mess of obsessive Israel-bashing and allegations of antisemitism - The Washington Post (

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“God” apparently didn’t give a s*** about these kids.

I guess he just dumped them into this terrible situation bizarre what the f***.

Thanks for sharing that. It seems they were anti israel, which is a common subject amongst many groups. Im going to sit on this and digest it more as i really had/have no idea.

i am agnostic on everything, though religion does seem bonkers. So, i dont have much sympathy for government support for cults. But i do have strong feelings about human rights. So…thanks for sharing. I need to learn more on this one.

God isnt real, god is simply a justification for people to do horrendous shit. The fact we enable people to use the god excuse just proves how unintelligent we truly are.

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I wonder whether those wicked priests use their free hand to choke out puppies while they held native kids down and forcibly infected them with tuberculosis, all the while laughing manically?

People saying idiotic things like this and given free reign to do so are great for encouraging prejudice and bigotry towards christians and especially Catholics - which is apparently okay.

Why cant a group that protects its own tyranny be called out???

You know how Germany apologized for the whole nazi thing, and the world forgave them? Ya, do that Catholics…until then, dont expect to lot of love for a cult tricking people into believeing nonsense, taking their money and denying the genocides and tranny they have unleashed on the world for so many years…

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dudes in dresses, the catholic church has been doing that one for years

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Aww shit, thats on me. Was saying tyranny…but tranny is a fun typo so i wont bother editing. For the factual evidence you provided haha.

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I realize Dante is not officially canon, but you don’t need to get very far into Inferno to understand the concept of the Christian God regarding good pagans as superior to the nastier ranks of Christian sinners.

The apparently related arson attacks and definitely related boycotts would seem to suggest otherwise.

No it wouldn’t, but I think that’s another topic.

It’s “socialist” when Americans want to criticize it (or when Canadians want to criticize the government if anyone other than a certain party is in power at the time) and “capitalist” at all other times. :wall:

Ever is a long time. :cactus:

They will never pay up with a large enough amount to settle the score once and for all. Never ever.


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Even with legalisation, the punitive measures outside of the narrow scopes punish minorities. Race, cannabis and the Canadian war on drugs: An examination of cannabis arrest data by race in five cities - PubMed (

So dumb backpackers lauding it, are indeed lauding ongoing wars on drugs. My analogy is not off.

Is genocide a term that just gets thrown around these days? :roll: Not to mention equating the Catholic church to Nazi Germany…
I see I’m in hostile territory. And from your posts I don’t have any hope in us seeing eye to eye.
But I’ll make an attempt to add some perspective.
In Christianity there’s little more important than the salvation of the soul. It’s that primarily which motivated and motivates missionaries to go forego material wellbeing and quite possibly their life - one such story I think being recounted in the article posted here - to minister among such people groups; not some grand scheme of cultural genocide or whatever you want to call it. Then also, the commandment to care for the poor and sick. Which is why schools, hospitals and universities were established.
Another thing. Hindsight is 20/20, all the more so via the lens of 21st century moral ideals. I’m highly sceptical of the notion that whatever the shortcomings in the conditions in these schools were they were for nefarious purposes. I get the impression boarding schools in general were miserable places. Our ideas and understanding around education and discipline has changed over time as we learn from our mistakes and failures.
And then, to suggest, as you do, along the lines that the churches exist merely for the propagation of genocide, tyranny and evil, or that that kiddy-diddling is among the organisational objectives of the RCC… well, if you undertake a strict regimen of confirmation bias then perhaps I can see how you may come to that conclusion.

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changed my mind, question deleted

People just aren’t used to hearing the word outside of discussions about Nazism and a select few events like Rwanda. There are many events through the millennia that would qualify if people bothered to look into and think about them.