Gray Day: Men are from Mars, Impostors are from Earth!

There is a huge scandal unearthing right now re John Gray, who is translated in Taiwan, too. Turns out his PHD and even MA are not real degrees and he has been hoodwinking the world for 20 years. He is big in Taiwan now too, with several of his books translated there I think. His PHD has big face in Taiwan. BUT…

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Dr. John Gray, author of “Mars & Venus on a Date” (HarperCollins, $25),

GRAY DAY: Seems best-selling Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus author John Gray’s academic credentials may be a bit lacking. Though the veteran relationship guru always refers to himself as ‘‘Dr.’’ John Gray, it seems his doctorate is honorary at best, and there’s some question about the credibility of his basic undergraduate degree.

Cult-buster Rick Ross reports on his Web site that Gray only has a Ph.D. because the marketing whiz was given an honorary degree from south suburban Governors State University. Gray got the degree merely for showing up to deliver a commencement speech – a common practice at universities across the country at graduation time.

Interestingly enough, Gray calls himself a certified family therapist and maintains memberships in both the American Counseling Association and the international Association of Marriage and Family Counselors – two groups that require members to have academic Ph.D.s to qualify for membership.

As for his undergrad degree, the New York Post reports Gray’s assistant first told he had attended Columbia Pacific University – an unaccredited correspondence school. Later Gray claims about receiving degrees from the American branch of a university in Switzerland could not be verified by the university registrar.

So? Only proves you don’t have to be smart to write crappy books. Big deal. He sold 15 million books? Who knew there were so many Cosmopolitan readers on the planet?
But the Men’s News article at least had one quotable quote: “Would you take flying lessons from a pigeon that’s been hit by a truck?” Made me chuckle, anyway.

I’d read Men from Mars Women from Venus. The auther told a very fantastic story. I guess that’s why he and his books are so famous. Psychology in many apsects is just like philosophy or theology; therefore, it’s hard to argue with a so-called psychologist and to know if he is fake or not.

Knowing that he’ve fooled so many readers/experts, I will listen to his book again, plus carefully.

Kimichen, thanks for your posts. is that book real popular in taiwan among women mostly or men too? did you read it in Chinese or in English?

Do you feel the PHD in his ‘‘name’’ makes the book sell better in Taiwan?

awaiting your replies,

formosA, … no PHD here, not even an MA or a BA. I went to school of hard knocks, Montreal chapter, barely survived HI school!

This reminds me of when we all found out that Milli Vanilli didn’t really sing the songs on their album. It’s still crap regardless of who sang it.

then again, does ANYONE really sing anymore? isn’t it all done in studios now with hi=tech tones and mastering? i prefer unplugged all the time


Although I am a Taiwanese, I read it in English. I ask my sister and she says “Never heard it.” I guess it isn’t so popular in Taiwan.

But… 2 Months ago, A NTU student(a big boy major in foreign literate) had happily talked about this book with me and he liked it.

Mars and Venus lose their implicit meaning (Love/Belligerence…) in Chinese. So personally, I guess “Normal Taiwanese won’t be affected by this book.” However, “Intellectuals” very possible!

I remember seeing a lot of the books in the mid 1990’s in bookstores here. He has been popular.