Great afternoon job

I’ve got a great new afternoon job available. I say it’s great because it’s just 4 days a week for 4 hours an afternoon (1:30-5:30) at 600 an hour, which works out to about 40K a month, which I reckon is better than just about any other afternoons only job you’re likely to get. Please check out if you’re interested.


As you know, there’s already a job board so I’m discouraging the practice of posting jobs in this forum. :frowning:

But I’d love hear more about how your teacher recruiting business is going. I always enjoy hearing about other prospects for teachers in Taiwan besides teaching itself, and it’s a great service to hook folks up with good jobs. :slight_smile:

I encourage them.

Jobs posted here on the discussion boards are higher profile than the jobs posted on the career board. Also, they can be followed up with questions, opinions, and remarks, which could be useful to all.

And, after a bit, the threads can easily be deleted from the forum if they haven’t been replied to, as the positions would likely be filled pretty quickly.

I wasn’t sure what the mods’ policy on this was, but Alien seems to have tolerated it. If you don’t like it I’ll stop of course. Actually I was just letting you guys know about the best jobs we have, not all of them.

As for how the new job recruiting teachers is going. It’s good work, but harder than you might think to make money.

[quote]As you know, there’s already a job board so I’m discouraging the practice of posting jobs in this forum.

Think some people need to have a chat…
Agree with CKVW though, jobs board is for advertising jobs, forum isn’t. When you say encourage, do you mean you actively invite agencies to post here, or just allow your mates posts to remain? Spam is Spam, no matter where it comes from…

Well, I’m not going to ‘actively invite’, obviously…

So obviously…you ‘encourage’ by letting your mates’ posts remain.

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Two moderators at loggerheads over this one. ckvw and Alien. Who’ll win in the end? Why don’t you put it to a poll? Should the so called “upper class” jobs be allowed to be posted here, well the “crap” ones should just be posted in the jobs section?

Oh, come now children! You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. Nepotism is NOT the issue here. Brownie points are.

As ironlady would say, “IMHO”
(acronym for “in my humble opinion”, although i prefer,
‘hell-bent’ opinion)
Sir Donald Whatever, formerly known as Bu Lai En (a recovering Segue-ic and newlywed) has offered some pretty plum positions on these threads in the past.
And besides, our number two poster certainly should enjoy some special priviledges around here, don’t you think?

Afterall, sandman was crowned moderator for being #1, remember!?

#3 Hartzell is now a co-administrator with Gus, and can kick everyone’s ass.
Myself, at #4 get to co-police (yes) a [color=blue]funner[/color] forum with Maomeister.
Uh, let’s not talk about poster #5

But hey, if IACC or Jenny Lai start taking liberties around here, well, that’s another story.

So SuperDW40,
Yes, obviously this post will remain.
Unless ckvw deletes it out of spite!

What, so the NT$1,500 I paid Gus wasn’t even necessary? :shock:

It’s not the number of posts, it’s the quality.
(I hope.)

This is building up to a good one! Alien…I think you have some issues you really need to address, not the first time you’ve been called on some of your comments here about the forums and your attitude to them and to posters. Looking at the profiles of all concerned…Sir Donald has only 10 posts to his credit, yourself at #4 with 728, a lot of which are crowing about your apartment and others are slagging off posters, hardly useful to the community in general, and poster #5 hasn’t much to crow about in terms of quantity at a mere 88 (Didn’t you mean WD40 rather than DW40?) but, and this is good, he/she has acyually been registered longer than yourself so has probably more right to insist on what he/she would like to read on here…

Huh. I didn’t know I was in the top ten. Kind of sad, really.

Uh, wellllll, excuse me laughing guest. Those archives weren’t built on their own, you know
And I’d deign to say what percentage of posts on here are useful! :slight_smile:
If I have an issues to address, so do you. Tsk tsk…Slagging off moderators and not even registered?

Poagao, Juba will be caught up soon, if you’re not quick on your fingers.

PS>If you’d lived in that dump I did for 2.5 years, you’d be crowing too if you saw this one. And, hey, I found out about it on segue, thanks to Maoman.

Don’t you mean 688 or some such? with A LOT to crow about after getting US $200 in the mail yesterday to buy beer.

Hey, I’m plenty quick with my fingers! Just not while typing. Actually, typing would probably be healthier, now that I think about it.

You can’t please anyone and you shouldn’t need to.

Donnei, I hope some people responded your request or ad or forum! :unamused:

In regard to posting jobs or not… at this point, it really isn’t much of an issue as there have been very few such posts. And Bri’s only posted a few himself - I appreciate his selectiveness. I just don’t want it to become an issue where we are deciding one job post is acceptable but another isn’t.

Bri, I can only imagine the headache of finding good, reliable schools as well as the frustration of discovering that a teacher isn’t as good or as reliable as they seemed. Just how hard is it to find good schools? I’ve had little luck in getting folks to share about good schools. Is it harder to find good schools or good teachers?

By ckvw[quote]In regard to posting jobs or not… at this point, it really isn’t much of an issue as there have been very few such posts.[/quote]Soooo, what’s the threshhold. 1,2 or maybe, mmmm 3?

Anyway, I reckon it’s ok to post them here. Who ever goes to the job/careers section anyway? Btw, where is that section???

And anyone that chooses the name of an Aussie icon as their login name, will never be of the receiving end of wrath from an Ausssie. I do herby bow.

Look up at the top of this page, right under the segue logo… :unamused: