Great alley-oop in Taipei City Council

everyone see the fantastic footage of the New Party star doing a two footed jump shot to tear down A-Bian’s portrait…looked like he was purposely wearing his air jordans just to pull it off…seriously tho’ these guys are getting way out of hand…somebody from Taipei City Council was saying on a chat show there was likewise no way they would let Chen’s visage remain in council chambers when they next met…isn’t there some way to charge them with treason or something?

[quote=“bear64”]isn’t there some way to charge them with treason or something?[/quote]Being disrepectful to the president or not wanting his picture up is treason ? Sounds more like North Korea. And DPP members trying to do the same to the picture of Sun Yat-sen is ok ? Sun must be turning in his mausoleum to see a democracy, but that’s besides the point.
If Lien won the democratic vote (as if…), and someone pulled his picture down, would that be treason ?

This post does not condone or condemn any action, just trying to point out any hypocracy.

Title should be corrected: Taipei City Council, not legislative yuan.

I think a vandalism charge or petty theft charge would be appropriate. Anything else is overkill.

ok ok maybe not treason…my point is that for better or for worse a-bian is at this point in time the official head of state and as such deserves the respect this position entitles him to regardless of whether you respect him as a person; it is more than petty vandalism to destroy a visage of the president in an official public chamber…imagine how the new party would react if someone tried to destroy chiang kai-sheks statue…

btw my bad on the legislative yuan call…apologies

Protesting against the “injustice” of Chen’s “dictatorial regime” and his “abuse of power”, were they? It’s ironic that, if they did such a thing to a portrait of one of their beloved leaders in Beijing, they’d be hauled straight off to a mental asylum or labour camp for twenty years. And if they’d done it to a portrait of CKS during his lifetime, they’d have been dragged away by his enforcers and beaten to death. But these people are evidently too dense to latch onto anything as subtle as irony.

thank you omni…once again you come to my rescue with a pertinent example to fend off big bad fluffy matthew…the point being BFM that we are talking about an offical portrait in an offical chamber of government…of course you can do what you want to a-bians picture in your own home…and i also don’t condone the people who tit for tatted by going for Sunny’s picture; same rules apply…don’t mess with official portraits

The solution was to raise the portrait 2 feet…

I think that they have immunity, and yes, it will imporve their chances of reelection, as they are merely expressing the sentiments of their core electorate.

When it comes to the hypocrisy charge brought by another poster :unamused: , then well… There is a certain difference in the courage needed, when pulling down a portrait of Mao Zedong in 1989 or one of Jiang Jieshi in 1970, and one of a-Bian now. :raspberry:

The ones who pulled down the protrait of mao in 1989 were either shot or sent to gulag, people showing disrespect toward Jiang Jieshi until the late 1980’s would also live to regret it, while the muppets pulling down Chen Shuibian’s portrait down the other will possibly get re-elected partly due to this stunt. :help: