Great Bike Shop?

I’m looking for a friendly bike shop that sells new and used bikes with helpful staff in the Taipei area. I’m not a pro cyclist, but interested in finding a decent bike for short bike tours around Taiwan.

Also, if you know of any cycling groups around town, not too hardcore, it’d be great to hear about it as well!

Thanks in advance!

FG - bike shop listing - forums etc. your best bet. quite a few of the folks over there ride round the island regularly.

bike shops

  • seans in tienmu has a healthy road and DH scene.
  • boutique velo is a dominant road riding shop with very regular road rides.
  • the american school has a regular road ride team as well.
  • alans x bikes does regular cross country mtn rides in the mucha area
  • etc

so basicaly there are heaps of organised rides. check out the listing on ffta, head into a shop and talk to people.

Thanks so much, AWOL, I will def check out the site and shop!!