Great cafe in Sanxia! New City Bakeshop - Carrot cake, apple pie, rice pudding, all like from home!



237, No. 16號, Guoxue Street, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, 237

10 out of 10
Food like from home!
Their carrot cake is perfect. Not too sweet or loaded with frosting. It is just right and only 95NT for a generous slice.

Apple Pie with the French top. I swear it is exactly how my mom makes it.

Honest to goodness real chocolate cake. Not the fluffy, airy Taiwanese version of cake. This is dense and heavenly.

Prices are all under 100NT and the service is very friendly. They speak fluent English too.


Nice post. It’s interesting how folks in Taiwan are figuring this stuff out—and fast. Great to see it’s happening in Sanxia too.

Btw, can you give transit directions? I’d be happy to check this out if it’s not insanely difficult to reach from The City!



Wish I could. I travel by car or scooter. The Sanxia line of the MRT is still under construction, so no go there. Taxi from Dingpu Station would be about a 10 min ride.

Best thing I can offer is the address. Just plop it into Google maps.

237, No. 16號, Guoxue Street, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, 237

FYI most of their baked goods are fully available after 3pm because they bake everything fresh in the morning each day.



Any experience with their pizza? Based on the photos I’ve seen, they also range into the savoury side of things. Do you recommend trying it?



Not yet. But planning to.


Looks fantastic. I’m going.

237, No. 16號, Guoxue Street, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, 237
02 2671 9866


22 minute drive from my house in Taoyuan…I’m there! :pie::croissant::drooling_face:


I made the scooter ride in the rain and am here right now. I ordered a BBQ chicken pizza, and asked them to save me a slice of carrot cake for afterwards.

I’ll report back after I eat…

The pizza was good, but a bit sweeter than I expected because it had pineapple. That’s my fault for not looking at the topping list carefully. I still liked it, though, because I like pineapple on my pizza, but others may not.

But what I really came for was the carrot cake, and it didn’t disappoint. Moist and dense, with a cream cheese frosting that had a nice balance of tang and citrus.

The vibe of the place is chill with about 6 small tables inside and a little outdoor seating as well. The workers were friendly and spoke great English. Thumbs up from me.


Great report. Thank you!



looks good.

rice pudding?


Theirs is actually quite good. Not too sweet.


They were out of rice pudding the day I went. But I’m definitely going back to try that and the chocolate cake.

Who am I kidding? I want to try it all!


I am going back today to try their pizza and chocolate cake. Will call ahead to see if they have the cake today. Plan on going in around 5:30. I think they are closed 2 days a week, not sure which days though.


I hate to disappoint you, but the owner told me yesterday that they’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays. The info on Google Maps says the same :worried:


Bummer :frowning: , Oh well. Just have to wait until Wednesday then.


Going to try it today!
Looking at the pictures, it seems I’ve being there before.
I’ll know it for sure afterwards…

Update: It is the same shop, indeed! I was there 4~5 years ago and wanted to go back but didn’t find the place again.
Thanks for sharing @SuiGeneris!


advertisements are getting smarter :slight_smile:


I passed by every day when i was living in Sansia but never checked it out. Guess I should now. Haha.


The owners said they are no longer serving pizza. They are sticking to pies, cakes, salads and sandwiches.

They said they will offer strawberry rhubarb pie, cherry and lemon meringue soon.

Looking forward to those!


Why? It was not bad!