Great Canadian TV Shows.


Tastes certainly differ. Brent Butt grew up within 45 miles from me, but he’s always annoyed the h3ll out of me.


“Other than” the two main characters? What’s the studio? Where’s the money come from?

No. We cannot count it. :no_no:


Okay, it’s your game.

By far, no competition, the most watched, longest running show in our history is HNIC.


Not sure this is great, but it was quite popular in the UK in the 1990s.


Hells yeah! Funniest show ever. Not sure I would be allowed to link to it as NSFW. I wish Bubbles were my best friend.

For example:
Missionaries: “Can you read, my son?”
Bubbles: “Well, that depends. Can you go f@#$ yourself?”


Three whole days of this thread, and not one mention of these two shows?

First, the 80’s/90’s gave us the Kith. :man: :man: :man: :man: :man:

Then, the 10’s gave us the Baroness. :woman: :woman: :woman: :woman:

(I can’t find their “Linkedin” sketch online…)


I used to confuse Canadians with my knowledge of Kids in the Hall. It was shown late nights on Friday in the UK along with Beavis and Butthead.

Sadly can’t remember anything about it now.


Recent documentaries on topics that have come up here:

  1. That thing that happened with a van last year.

It gives a brief summary of the guy’s life but is more about the incel (Incel?) community. Long interview with a genuine incel included, plus a surprise ending.

  1. Our favorite gender studies pundit!

We see more here of the man himself than what we usually get in coverage of the controversy surrounding him.

There’s more where those came from. But beware, Americans – it’s all state funded! :runaway:


What, you’ve never heard of PBS?


Or its parent, CPB, which provides the funding for PBS programs like The McNeil-Lehrer NewsHour, Frontline, Ken Burns’ docuseries, and used to provide funding for The Muppets on PBS.

CPB makes studious attempts to suppress its political leanings (left). As soon as the American left went a bridge too far, though (Roe, which caused an influx of Americans into the only party since - the GOP - that’s shown no inclination to wrap the turd that was Roe up in nice gold foil and present it as planned parenthood), Republican Congress critters began calling for a reduction in CPB’s funding. A call that’s never ended since Roe, btw.

The CPB has lots of Canadian supporters. I think that’s because much of the content it produces is real similar to the lefty content Canadians er, enjoy from their own CBC.


I’m a Roe supporter, so maybe that’s why I enjoyed watching PBS. :grin:

NPR, on the other hand…


I’m not a Roe supporter, although I am not opposed to all abortions. The problem with Roe is that it depends on a gross mischaracterization of the constitution that’s used to legalize abortion because its a private act that’s between a woman and her doctor, gubmint not invited. It’s a court decision masquerading as legislation, which is also wrong. Roe also divided the country in ways the left still uses today. It doesn’t follow that if Roe were overturned then abortion would be illegal. In many ways if Roe went away it would be very, very good news for the US imo (would probably be good news for Democrats, too).

Used to be that every FM radio I had was tuned to NPR, mainly because it’s free of advertisements and is Epicurean in its serenity (the Hellenistic meaning of epicure). No can do since 2016. Nowadays they’re like all other Democrats, they prefer being permanently offended to actual listening.


Yes, this is the problem. I was listening to an NPR music review program, and they managed to work Orange Man Bad in. No thanks.


By the way, this 2002 interview by Terry Gross of Gene Simmons is when I realized that my time with NPR was coming to an end sometime in the near future. Even Terry doesn’t really listen.


Made in Canada - tv series


I tried S2 of Slasher, but the direct in yer face talk like “I’m triggering.” And then people rushing in to calm the woman down just really turned me off. May try again when I’ve seen everything else on NF.


I know some farm animals here who also seem to take every opportunity they can get to work that in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now about those Canadian shows…


This thread about questionable immigration practices in the US reminded me, the same episode of The Fifth Estate that has the funny interview with an incel also has a report on (Chinese) immigration fraud in Canada.

It starts at 23:45.