Great Chen Cheng-po website and google doodle

Yesterday was Taiwanese artist Chen Cheng-po’s birthday, and google had a google doodle for it, at least in Taiwan.

Chen’s famous Tamsui painting.

Chen was one of the most famous western painting artist during the Japanese era. He formed the Jiayi city welcome committee to welcome KMT’s arrival, joined KMT after the war, and got elected to Jiayi city council in 1946. In 1947, when 228 broke out, KMT forces were surrounded in Shuishang airport. Chen was among the 6 selected council members to negotiate a cease fire. He was taken prisoner, tied up with with barbed wires, paraded all the way to Jiayi train station and shot dead without trial.

There is also an awesome interactive website about Chen Cheng-po’s life and artworks.

This is probably the best made Academia Sinica websites out there. Way to utilize new web technology!