Great christmas present

Awwwwww SHIT! I’m really not the type to get choked up by news of a rock star’s death. Maybe its my age, but this one has really got to me.

My Christmas is not going to be quite so merry.

RIP Joe. You spoke my language.

Have you nothing better to do? :imp: A nice high post count is one thing, but this is ridiculous. As the father in “Cheaper by the Dozen” used to say, “Not of general interest!”

Speaking of general interest, what have you heard on the Joe Strummer thing? That was a shocker. I’ll never forget when I first gave a listen to “london calling” back in the day.

Gettin to the point of being “so lonely I want to cry,” I remember when a TA of mine in uni showed up for a tutoring session wearing a clash t-shirt. I found reason to think that there might have been room for me in academia–that I wasn’t alone. There are people out there, and most of them are just as beleaguered as ya’ll.

Of course, as it turns out, the TA dropped out of the academic thing, became a revolutionary teacher in Oakland, and I, well, did something else.

Thanks to the clash, I found other rebel rock to feed my ears.

This Xmas, lift a pint or fill a bowl (to each his own) for Joe Strummer, and that lonely guy Johnny. I think he found a new way to troll.

Not quite. You mean “not of general interest to YOU.” Get off my back, please. There’s an “ignore” button now. Use it. :imp: :imp:

To the also not interested Timogan, Joe Strummer died at home on Dec. 22 of a heart attack, aged 50. He’d just finished a tour with his band, The Mescaleros.


gotta agree… Few said it as well as Joe Strummer.

RIP Joe!