Great Confucius Temple Website

Saw this website today on the Taipei Times about Confucian temples. The English section is good. Interesting moving cartoons about Confucius’ life. It’s best if you have ADSL as there is a lot of animation and the VR tour of the Tainan temple is too slow on a regular hookup.

Thought I’d bump this up as it’s an amazing website. And of course we all have ADSL now.

There’s something I’ve always wondered. Where do they get their “bonzos” from? Say I’m thinking about converting to Confucianism and becoming one of their priests or acolytes or something, and parading around in those goofy robes. How does that work? Because I think I’d make a great bonzo.

Mucha -
Thanks for posting this link.
I’ve been to the main Confucius School temple quite a lot. They are always having some kind of party there.

It looks to me that Confucius wanted his followers to smile, laugh and not take life or themselves too seriously.