Great Flash Game!

Great Flash Game

Madness Interactive

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Tough game…

good one though :laughing:

thanks for passing that on. Go to the challenge mode and take on the zombies for some easier action.

[color=red]Mini Golf![/color]

To start the game, move your cursor down from the “P”, until a little red triangle appears. To see the instructions, move your cursor a little further down till you see another red triangle appear.

It’s hard to play within the limits of the box, especially for holes 8 and 9, because you can’t pull the mouse back far enough.
You’re better off playing this game at this link … niputt.swf

This link is also in the recommended websites thread.

The Hussein game is crap - you don’t even get a score.

Strip a woman with your typing skills. Cheesy.

Couple of time-wasters here:
table tennis. (This one is extremely addictive).

:mrgreen: Ant city - burn people on the street below like ants with a huge magnifying glass … _city.html

:sunglasses: Try this addictive kickup game

:smiley: A different mini-golf game … ?gameID=31

:frowning: My pc doesn’t seem to be able to play this game, but it might work on yours. It’s supposed to be good. Is it?

:? The page never seems to load properly for this game which is also supposed to be good. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Let me know.

[flash width=550 height=400 loop=false][/flash]


I used to be really good at Beakout but this version just plain befuddles me. … plash.html Sure, the game play is pretty straightforward but the background images just distract me . . . kind of like driving down a Taiwan steet, where you really need to concentrage on driving, but you keep rolling past Betelnut Beauties selling their wares. It’s a crash waiting to happen.

It’s not your regular kind of flash game.
You are a stickman who moves round a city eating, drinking gambling. You need to collect charm points, go home to sleep at the end of the day to recharge. I am not really sure what the purpose of the game is but it’s fun to play and kill twenty minutes or so.

A collection of around 35 flash games here: :moo:

Play “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?” No coughing jokes alllowed… :moo:

Girl on Girl Kama Sutra game

May or may not be safe for work . . . depending on where you work.

Nine ball pool. It’s actually more fun to play regular pool on Yahoo Games. At one point I was madly addicted to Yahoo Pool - but I was gooood!

This one is not a flash game, but worth a mention. It’s shareware so you get 30 days free.

Here’s one for Spack and his avatar

What I’d like to know is how some of you found the games that you linked to here. I mean, there are priests posting here, we need to be a little more sensitive to the poor simple minded Dougal. He could go into shock you know. If any of you saw the episode of Father Ted when Dougal was a milkman you will know what I mean.