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I’ve been an avid smoker of cannabis for near on 10 years, five years ago I was married to a wonderful woman and moved to hervhome in Great Britain (I’m from the U.S). The only catch, my wife is very legally moral, so my illegal habit had to take the cut. I’ve missed it ever since. Once a year we take a small trip to Amsterdam in Holland to satisfy my need to smoke. My order took 9 days from order to arriving to reach all the way to Great Britain, UK from the US… That is pretty fantastic. When I opened the parcel envelope I -knew- without even feeling it , tasting it or smelling it that my business would be yours from now on. The Hawaiian Hybrid was fresh it had a very tasty smell. Yours and “theirs”… a picture is worth a thousand words and all I can say is… when I’m out of your Hydro, I will be ordering more. Many thanks, Bob Wall, London United Kingdom) (9/26/03)