GREAT hoon doon soup (wonton) in Gaoxiong and Pingdong!

For years, I have been eating what I thought was the best wonton soup ever–in GaoXiong on ZuoYingDa Rd. Directly across from McDonald’s. It’s $50 for a big bowl and $60 if you want an egg, too. Small bowl? I forgot–never ordered that before.

Yesterday, I discovered an even better one. Follow #22 State Road out of GaoXiong. You will pass the Li Ling bridge from Ling Ko to Li Gang, which is the beginning of Ping Dong Xian. The #22 road will diagonally weave to the left and then to the right. When it weaves to the right, take a left instead. I think that is called Yong Chun Rd. (永春路) The sign is red with white letters. It has a huge word “FU” on it (富). As I was eating, I saw a newspaper article on the wall that said it has been running for 60+ years. Before you see the sign, you will probably see a lot of people eating in and around the place.

$30 for a bowl. You can also choose to have it with noodles or rice noodles. I ate 3 bowls. Very good.

(Phone note: If you have a PHS phone, it will work all the way to Ling Ko, but after crossing the bridge into PingDong Xian, it won’t work. All along #22 State Road, you can see PHS antennas.)