Great Hot Pot

Wanted to give a review for this great place. About 800nt for all-you-can-eat amazing seafood and meat, unlimited beer and wine and Haagen-Dazs and Movenpick ice cream. Filled myself with shrimp and scallops, two bottles of white wine and a few bowls of ice cream. Even ate four giant turkey balls. No wonder they can’t fly. Mad props…

Heartily recommended.


It’s about Mala hot pot, right?

I like the place - they also have free beer. Just the price structure is a bit confusing because some locations charge more than others but also have different items.

The only downside is that the 90min time limit is really strict. They will start cleaning up the table exactly 90min after you arrive there - even while you’re still eating.

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My location gave 2 hours which was just about right. You could use the app to order 12 items every 5 minutes. We didn’t order the last few times because we were full and wanted to eat ice cream. There must be major differences between branches then.

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I never had the chance to go to such a hot pot for a while. There is this place by Zhishan MRT station that is around 430 or so, all you can eat but not quite as good as the Mala hotpot type place. But it’s still pretty good and fairly cheap. Not as much seafood but I just fill myself with pork, beef, etc.

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I liked that one too - cheap and cheerful, hits the spot if you’re just super hungry after a workout. The last time I looked (a few weeks ago) it appeared to have closed down permanently, though. Is it still there?

It’s still there. I ate there last week.

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Sounds good ! Scallops, clams, meat and a little wine. (I can not drink two, let alone one bottle of wine, maybe 1/2 of the 750ml bottle)

750 liter is like a swimming pool of wine.

You should explode before you’re even 1/20th the way.

OK, fixed it to 750ml !! haha. But I am surprised they give you a bottle and not just a glass of wine.

I am sick of hot pots.

But this one seems good.

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I find that 800 for AYCE hotpot is on the higher end of the cost scale. There are lots of AYCE hotpots in the 400-500 range. The difference in quality of meat or brand of ice cream in my opinion doesn’t justify the 70-100% cost increase.

Looks good and expensive.

Yeah it is. I’ve been wanting to go for a while but friday evenings are always fully booked.

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