Great Hualien weekend get-away!

Hey all,

Had a fantastic weekend in Hualien at a little spot called JICHI BEACH RESORT.

We planned on going camping and took the bus from Hualien station south to Jichi Beach. It takes about an hour. It used to be a camping area with wooden platforms which you could put your tent on. But, when we got there, we discovered they had closed these off to make little chalets, complete with beds and an aircon! It was really amazing!

It cost NT$ 1 500 for 2 people for the night, breakfast included. Also, for NT$250 each, you could order a BBQ which they came and set up for you. Really nice!

The bus from Hualien drops you off just a few metres away from the entrance and the chalets are practically on the beach. You can see the sea from your tatami bed.

I highly recommend this get-away for everyone who feels tired and washed out and in need of a little relaxation.

Pixie :rainbow:

Sounds great. Any pictures? Do you have the phone number of the resort? How the beach for swimming? What else can you do in the area without transportation? What kind of food do they serve? Chinese style breakfast?

Sorry, I don’t have any pics and I don’t have the phone number…

But, I can tell you that the beach is beautiful. It’s made up of pebbles. In summer there are a lot of water activities - paddle boats, a big wheel that floats on the water (I guess you sit inside it), surfing, snorkeling, diving and fishing. In summer there is a lifeguard on duty, so you’ll be safe as houses. Also, I noticed on the board they advertised horse-riding in summer. In winter, I guess it’s up to you to keep yourself busy. I am sure there’s a lot of hiking trails and pretty things to see. We went down for the surf.

As for breakfast - not sure because we were still stuffed from the huge BBQ the night before! But, go check it out. You won’t regret it. (PS: Take your own beer or wine, okay?) You can take your own food if you want - there are BBQ’s and places to have a picnic.

Wetting our palates and forgot to bring a name card back. too much sun?

You plan to go again? If you do, remember to bring a name card this time and post the details. They are near the front desk, usually. (You may also ask the owner)

For the rest of us, we can call the beach management office at 03-871 1251 and ask where the place is.