Great Kids Chinese sites?

Since moving to New Zealand both of my kids (one aged 6 and the other almost 3) have pretty much lost all interest in Chinese. I am quite disappointed, although they do speak Mandarin with their mother, it’s slipping quite a bit. The reason I am concerned is that they are both not as keen to talk with their grandparents over the webcam. Even worse for their grandparents both of my boys are not willing to speak Taiwanese. I do understand that this is due to the environment where they live.

I hope to be able to introduce some websites to learn Chinese and Tawanese to my kids or even software that I can download. Anything really. My eldest son loves to play on and kids Disney. I would love to be able to move his options accross into the Chinese world. He also likes, which is a fantastic English phonics and reading site. I would love to find something similar in Chinese.

I would appreciate any links to anything that may be of use.

I don’t want my kids to forget about the culture and language of their place of birth, although ultimately that will be their choice, and I would like to help as much as I can in giving them more options to increase their interest.