Great Peruvian Food - Mama Inca

Near Fuxing S. Road. This place offers authentic Peruvian food…minus the guinea pigs of course.

The chef and owner is a Peruvian married to a Taiwanese. Also a good friend. The food is refreshing and the atmosphere vibrant and full of Peruvian personality.

Here is a Taipei Times review.

If you are in the mood for good food that’s different from the same old same old, give it a try!


I would not know Peru food if I snorted it up my nose.

I went by there today Friday for lunch around 12:30m. Seems to be closed and dark. They better get some neon lights and advertising or they’ll be closed soon.

I knew the owners of the last restaurant in the same location. It was Indian food and they had a tough time with people knowing they were there. Just in an odd spot where you’ll never notice it unless you’re really really really looking for it.

Sorry about that @tango42
Their hours say they should have been open. I wonder why they were closed.
Give them another shot if you can. :slight_smile:

Address: 1-1, Ruian St, Taipei City (台北市瑞安街31巷1-1號)

Telephone: (02) 2709-2832

Tuesday to Friday from 12:00pm to 2pm and 5:30pm to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday from noon to 2:30pm and 5:30pm to 9pm

Average meal: NT$500

Details: Menu in English and Chinese, credit cards accepted

Do they have Inca Kola?

I used to drink that stuff as kid down in “El Pollo Inka” in California

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Yes they do have Inca Kola

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Anyone been here recently and have any updates?

The thread on Peruvian rotisserie chicken reminded me of this place, and after a search, it’s been discussed, though only briefly. I always wondered about this place the few times I walked by it. Anyone ever been? It’s got a 4.4 star rating on Google.

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I’ll still vouch for the restaurant and chef / owner. Good food and friendly.


I’ll have to stop by next time I’m back in Taiwan. I used to go to a Peruvian place a lot back in university. Cheap and delicious.

Love me some ceviche!

Go to the port, get some fresh fish and make it yourself.

Better, bigger and cheaper