Great place to shop

My car needed 3 new tyres - so I go to one shop - $NT2000 each!! - tai gui - suddenly $1400 each - but he cannot match the make on the one almost new one I have (that cost $1400 while a friend was driving my car and needed to replace it).

100m down the street. $1000 each - not same make - so I decide I will replace the worn spare as well. (making 4 tyres the same on the car and the different one the spare)

But he is a little short on stock - quick phone call - and quess who arrives with the extra stock - the $2000 man

Happy shopping?

My sister recently came over for a visit to Taipei. I hadn’t seen her for a while, so I decided to treat her to a few things, including a special spa/beauty treatment at “Aveda”, on Chungshiao East Rd. Anyway, after explaining that it would be a special occasion for my sister, and arranging for about $8,000 of TLC, the manager told me she’d need to confirm the appointment with her staff the following day, and would reconfirm with me thereafter.

Surprise, surprise, no phone call… So much for basic business principles - if something like that happened back home, you’d be out on your anus without a job… but it seems that easy money is sometimes not appreciated.

Anyway, I booked her into that massage centre on FuXing and Civil Blvd, which is run by blind massueurs (ph 2740 8478); “what an experience”, she said! It’s comparatively cheaper ($800/hr) and the service is far better than those posh bastards around the corner…

Thanks for the info and phone number on the massage place. Coincidentally, I was just about to post the question! I’m looking forward to being a regular customer if they match you’re sister’s experience.

Tai, do let us know how your massage goes. Funny, but I was about to post the question too.