Great Recession 2.0

Things already looked bad because of Corona and now we have a oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia:

Stock markets crashing further today.

There’s good chance Italy declares bankruptcy which will trigger a global financial crisis.


I think like all the recent recessions , it will last a year or two, everyone will forget about it, and business and stocks will go on as usual.
But for the next two years or so it’s gonna suck


I agree. Bought a bit of oil today.

If you have stocks, do NOT sell. Panic selling is the worst thing people do during these things. Stocks will rebound eventually and you’ll be richer than ever.


Awesome!! Finally prices have started to come down. Slowly buying here and there but still waiting for even lower prices.


Wasn’t the case in Europe, or Taiwan for that matter. They grew much faster before the 2008 recession.

I think there will be some great deals in a few months. I personally think the big money is waiting on the sides patiently for the retail investor to flee in panic, then in a few months they will pick up cheap stock by the bucket load.

Then the retail investors will see it rising and they will jump on because of fear of missing out. Like sheep to be fleeced, the same method keeps getting used because it’s so effective

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That’s true. Japan had decades of stagnation too. But the USA stock market kept trucking on each time, it is quite resilient.

Betting against the USA long term isn’t a good business plan


There’s just too much cheap money in the economy. It’s not going to stay in 0.5% Treasuries for very long.

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SALE! Corona Special! 20% off!!!
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Hopefully all of this leads to some correction in the astronomical real estate market in Taipei.

It won’t because Taiwan exists in its own little world and Taiwan is really rich.


Yeah, well, let me know if you see any airborne sus scrofa.

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Picking the right airline will be the winner.

I think from looking at what happened to Taiwan real estate on the whole (and Taipei specifically) when the entire world economy seemed to come crashing down in 2008 (and housing prices plummeted further in 2012) might be an indicator that the super sale at the stock store is not going to do much to the real estate prices in Taiwan.

One can dream. How I would love to have a two bedroom with a functioning kitchen for less than a million USD


I will also point out: oil prices have plummeted, but it looks like the global markets are hovering around their “it’s a correction, folks” numbers from the past week or so.

So… Would it be too naive to expect gasoline consumer prices go down?

No. You should be able to get cheap gasoline in the near future. Oil is cheap, refiners are struggling and shipping is cheap too.

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Ya, the Ms and me have been poking around at buying something in Taipei. Some neighborhoods are just off-the-charts expensive, the rest are merely really expensive. One place we looked at was just an empty space, not even walls, being sold by a company using it as a warehouse (they are selling half of it). NT$22M for just floor space, I think around 25 ping. Holy highway robbery Batman.


The Oil prices that you see in the news each day are a bit more complicated. They are “Futures” prices, being contracts to buy some months down the track.

Taiwan is of course a bit different in that the Outlets are controlled by the Government, likewise the pump price, so the current ‘dip’ should flow through eventually. though it could be ‘smoothed out’ over time and not be noticed to any degree.

There are lots of things that dictate the price we pay at the pump, and Government control and regulation is just one, then there are things line Exchange Rates (Oil is priced in USD), Refiners Margins, Retail Margins etc etc. End Result is that the Consumer Pays, the Big Oil Companies get richer.