Great Taiwan pix from the old days … Intro.html

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You bastard! Do you know how much time I am going to waste now you have provided those links?
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Absolutely great!

These are beautiful links! Thanks!

When I was back in the States last year, my uncle (who was in the USAF) pulled out a box of b&w photos shot here in Taipei in the 1960s. My wife was squealing. Things here sure have changed.

I like this photo – the dude has three birds

Lot’s of great photos here too.

Whoa! What a find CS!

Wonder where them lasses are now? Probably still up at the combat zone
gauging by my last excursion down that way.


[quote=“Comrade Stalin”]Lot’s of great photos here too.[/quote]

No kidding…thanks for the link! Here’s one from “Tinkers” set…

And a common phrase list remembered from 30 years ago:

Yo Bien
Tso Bien
I Chi Tzo
Hao Bu Hao
Hsieh Hsieh Ni
Tsai Chien
Gam Bei
Gai Wa
Kuai Kuai
Kuai Din
Ume Jo
Pi Chiu (Pei Jo - Beer)
Bai To Ma
Ni Hao Ma
Hao La
Ding Hao
Bu Li


Definitely the worst name amongst them. Or the best, depending on how you look at it. :laughing:

You should have been in Tainan in 1965 like I was, :sunglasses: