Great website tracker?

I saw it posted on here before, but could not find it now so hopefully someone can help me.

I am looking for a site that has some code I can put on my website, so I can see where all my site visitors are coming from (what links) currently we have a webhost in taiwan and the tracker is not very good.

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

Google Analytics will do that for you.

I have been using for a while now and it’s pretty good. Easy to set up.

Wow Thanks alot!! Forumosa is awesome…

I think the stat counter site is similar to what I saw on here before; if there are other sites out there it would be great to know, I will check out the google service too

[quote=“JoeyJoJoJnrShabadu”]Google Analytics will do that for you.[/quote]

Do you know if google analytics only tracks Google searches, or will it track people that come to our site from Yahoo.

Also if I download it do you know if the interface will be in Chinese? When I signed in and said I was in Taiwan it made the user agreement into Chinese, and I am worried what would happen if I put it into the code.


It will show both including keywords used, but you get a bit more detail on google searches, especially if you also buy ads through google (in which case you can get stuff like ROI on specific keywords).

They have a bunch of different languages it supports. I used it in English with no problems. It will not affect the way your website appears to visitors.

OK thanks so much, I will give them a try…

Does anyone use Yahoo Web Analytics?

I’ve wanted to set up an account but whenever I go there with my Yahoo!ID it tells me that there isn’t any Web Analytics service associated with it. This is frustrating because this is precisely why I want to go there.

Any ideas what I should try next? Anyone know anyone over at Yahoo they can ask about this? There is no email address, forum or phone number I can use to ask directly myself. I have actually posted on Yahoo Service blogs, but no dice :runaway:

Anyone have experience with Mint –