Green card lawyer/agent recommendation: NVC rejecting birth certificate

I’m in the process of applying for a green card for my wife. I have submitted everything to the NVC, but my wife’s birth certificate keeps getting rejected. She doesn’t have a hospital birth certificate, so I have been trying to use the HHR birth report/original HHR and the current HHR. But it has been rejected twice. The first time I thought it was for the original HHR being terrible quality, so I went back to the HHR office and asked for a better quality one and that one still got rejected. I’m not sure what to do as the hospital said they only have birth certificates from 2006 onwards.

I’m looking for a lawyer or an agent that can help me get this one document.

She was born in Taiwan?

Yes, I forgot to mention that. She is Taiwanese.

I gotten a birth certificate from the hospital before, you gotta go to the hospital she was born at, or the replacement hospital (in my case I went to the tri service hospital because I was born at some air force hospital that got combined into the tri service hospital). They will have records.

Otherwise talk to AIT (if they still answer inquiries).

There is still a long process… like you will next need to get her to do a health check. Costs 6000 at Makay hospital.

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I got the birth certificate for my husband when I applied for his Australian PR.

The HHR office may have a copy of it if the hospital isn’t being helpful. I remember getting my husbands from the HHR office.

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But she was born in Taiwan. Right?

I may be looking at the same issue, perhaps it will be more of a problem than I hoped. State gives another option, not sure if you saw it:

Your original birth certificate and a photocopy. NOTE: People born in Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China may apply for an original household registration in lieu of a birth certificate. This is the initial household registry that the applicant registered with the Household Administration after birth in Taiwan or upon first arrival in Taiwan. You can find information on how to obtain this document online.

Unfortunately the link for “how to obtain” this is not helpful and I’m not quite sure what they mean. I’m going to look into it.

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on AIT:

Comments: Immigrant visa applicants are required to submit a current Household Registration Record as well as a birth certificate. Applicants who are unable to obtain their birth certificate – for example, those born in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation that ended in 1945, or those who came from mainland China following WWII — may provide their initial Household Registration Record as an alternative to the birth certificate.

Wonder if only those who fit the above criteria can use household registration.

There are some conflicting statements, it’s not so clear.

Yes, some hospital in Taipei.

We tried contacting the hospital, but apparently they only have records from 2006 onwards. Not sure why.

We’ve been trying this option since she doesn’t have the hospital birth certificate. They keep rejecting it and they don’t say why. Just to use the document finder to find the correct document.

I’m thinking one possible reason they keep rejecting it, is that they can’t read the initial household registration. The first time I submitted it, it was terrible quality and you could barely read it. That got rejected. Second time I asked the HHR office if they could give me a better copy and they did, but still not that great. It also got rejected. So, I am unsure of what to do now that I can’t get a birth certificate and they keep rejecting the second method.

Here you go!

They gave you a copy of the initial household registration? Or the birth certificate they had on file? Did you get it translated?

I want to go to the National Immigration Agency on Guangzhou Street tomorrow to ask, the basement. They usually seem to have a good handle on these procedures.

For a lawyer, there are definitely US immigration specialists.

Thanks I wasn’t sure if if your lawyer could do immigration stuff or not.

They gave me a copy of the initial household registration

No. I read somewhere that you don’t need to get any documents translated as long as they are English or the native language, which is Chinese. But this is also the only document that has been fully in Chinese, so maybe that is the issue.

Yeah, I don’t think so. You may just need a notarized translation. I’m pretty sure I saw all non-English documents needed to be translated and notarized.

Definitely not sure either, but worth a try to ask him about getting the required Taiwanese documents. Anything US immigration is a nogo.

Can I ask if you ever submitted a copy of the birth certificate from Household Registration, and had it rejected?

I just doubled checked, you only need a translation if it’s not in English or the official language of the country.

No, we don’t have her birth certificate and I didn’t know the household registration office has that. They only gave us a copy of the initial household registration paper.

We have only submitted the initial household registration where they reported her birth, and the current household registration. And I submitted those twice because of quality issues. Both times rejected.

Hmmm this is probably what I saw too. It isn’t the clearest writing, ha

Please note that all documents not written in English, or in the official language of the country from which you are applying, must be accompanied by certified translations. The translation must include a statement signed by the translator stating that:

Is that supposed to mean “not in the official language of the country from which you are applying”, or literally “in the official language of the country from which you are applying”? I assumed the latter. I’ll look into it a bit.

Hmmm what they gave us literally says “Birth Certificate”, but it was also issued by the local HR office at the time, so a little unsure which it actually is.

This person has some recent experience, they seem to think an English version is required

I think you can get an English HR transcript, so maybe I’ll just send that on to them.

That article mentions you need a birth certificate from the hospital or the HR office. So suggest OP go back to the HR office and request a birth certificate.

I talked to my wife last night and she said whatever document we got from the household registration office is the initial household registration and birth record.

I think next I will send the NVC a message to see if they can tell me why it’s rejected. They take about two weeks to respond.

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