Green Card question

I just picked up the forms for applying for a Green Card for my wife, Olga. I noticed that there is an interview part. Do both my wife and I have to go through the process or just her?


You should both show up together for it. It’s at the discretion of the consular official how he’ll pursue the interview. At our interview session, my wife got most of the questions but luckily not that many due to the fact that we snowed them with evidence of our bonafide relationship. They conducted it “outside” where everyone waiting could hear our “story” :s YMMV.

Both of you must be there. My husband went through it and it was a breeze (but, he is British; I don’t know if it will be more difficult for other nationalities). They just basically asked us both how we met and how long we had been together, and that was basically it. Took 10 minutes.