Green Corridor Cycling Path - Sinwu, Toayuan County

Hi there,

Looking for information on the cycling path that apparently runs along the west coast south of Guanyin Beach. It starts at Yongan Harbour and continues up or down the coast for 4km. What is the best way to get there by scooter starting from Taoyuan City?

Mike J, are you out there? Beam me out Mike…

It’s not that hard to find…

From Taoyuan, just keep going out toward the ocean through Nankan, past Taimall, and eventually past the backside of the CKS airport. Once past the airport, watch for a fairly large intersection The 15 does a strange cut around on this intersection, impossible to describe, but impossible to miss). You don’t need to do anything, just go through it and you’ll be on the 15 heading south.

Should be 15-20km south of there…Easy as pie.

You’re the man MJ!
I will check it out soon. Have you been there? Is it worth it? Has anyone else been out there?