Green Hair Dye

I’m looking for semi permanent green hair dye, like Manic Panic or something similar. I live near Taipei station. I tried the costume shops around Changan/Chengde but so far no luck.

If you were in Kaohsiung I could point you to a hairdressers that would do a good job of it. I know they have a Taipei branch, but not sure where… sorry!

Manic Panic is availeble online. More and more shops ship to Taiwan

How about a nice green wig at the costume shops in Ximending? Or maybe they will know where to find the dye, given teh amount of cosplay stuff they have.

If you need it for just one night - you can buy the coloured spray from the shops in the Chengede area - that’s where I get mine :slight_smile:

Paint store near my house has green! Hell, purple too! I think it is all fairly permanent.

You’re definitely too long in Taiwan … oops, sorry wrong thread! :doh:

It works here too. I am sarcastic because I have been here too damn long and a request for locations of green hair dye and my sarcasm is a damned good indication but, WTF? Green hair dye? Come on! Somebody hasn’t been here long enough!

It’s fashion, man, fashion! You are out of touch with the younger crowd. Blue and purple hair is so last year. Green -fluorescent- is the way to go now.
:wink: :laughing:

I use Regenepure hair products for dying my hairs, well I dont know you have tried it or not, if not then once try it, its available on Regenepure Coupons at Reecoupons. I hope you will find there.

I’ve wanted to try purple like the Japanese women.