Green Island + scuba

:sunglasses: I am ready to plan a 3-day trip to Green Island with my son who is flying in from Japan. We want to scuba dive and are looking for other foreigners who might like to make it a fun, English-speaking party weekend. I am querying …they arrange pick-up from and back to ferry, scooter, accomodation for one price. Has anyone any experience with this company? Also, I’ve heard that the overnight train is a good way to get there from TAipei… but I need info about train schedule, flying, scuba rental and best places to dive…anything you can tell me based on your experience…much appreciated!
We are going weekend of Sept. 23rd.

Try this thread… … d&&start=0

It’s one of about a dozen regarding Green Island. The underwater photos posted on your website link are junk and in no way do the place any justice… :s

Expect vis to be in the 20-30meter range, and late Sep/early October is a fantastic time to go…The water temps are still in the 26-27C range, it’s generally pretty calm, and the vis is excellent. No Hammerheards though.

Do a search, check out all the threads and realize too that Green Island isn’t quite as backwards as it was, say only 5 years ago. This has it’s good and bad points, but keep in mind that during the holidays it’s now a seething mass of people.

Spend as much time underwater as possible, and then ask your guide about doing a shore dive behind the airport runway… :wink:

Dear MJB,

You seem to be an expert on Green Island. So here are my questions:

  1. Where are the best places for snorkeling? Can we do it from the “beach/shore”, i.e. by yourself or do we have to have to get a boat? Any company you can suggest for the snorkeling tour?
  2. When is the best time for snorkeling?
  3. Is the Chaojih Hot Spring the “sea hot spring” you were talking about?
  4. Any danger regarding sharks? Don’t wish to be eaten while snorkeling around…
  5. Do you kno if there is any other water sport except of scuba and snorkeling in Green Island? Windsurfing or sailing for example?

Thanks a lot

I went to green island 10yrs ago and went again last year - Though the diving is great - I’ll never go again - it’s now become like the Indy 500 of scooter - 500 tourist come and rent scooter to run 500 hundred laps of the island before leaving. No thanks.

mmm I would love to do this :stuck_out_tongue: (I just got my PADI open water in Malaysia).

I was planning to go for a weekend myself until I read this: … highlight=


Stanley, what turned you off from Green Island? Just curious. :slight_smile:

I contacted GreenIslandAdventures, got great communication and service, and booked through Eddie V. after meeting him in person.
So I will expect to see throngs of people, I will take advice and spend as much time under water as possible. I’ll post here when we return.