[GreenCard] Mailing/Residential address

My mailing address is different from my street address. There is no mail service to the house but I had to open a P.O.Box in the local post office to get mail.
My question is: In my I-485 and I-130 which address should I enter? My physical street address (where no mail is delivered) or my P.O.BOX.
If I give my street address the INS will try to mail everything to that address and I won’t get it. But if I give my P.O.Box address, they wont know where I live, which I’m assuming is what they ask to know.

You haven’t stated where you live.

I assume you live in Alaska, is that correct?

Nope, Not Alaska.
I live in Pennsylvania. The place I live in is in the middle of town yet since its a smaller municipality in the middle of town, there’s no door to door mail service.

I am serious with the following suggestion: Write both. For example, here is an address given using this method.

Dr. Henry Kissinger
35th Fl., 1521 West Broadway
Grand Central Station Post Office Box 3342
New York, New York 10019

Thanks for your reply.