Greenpeace Taiwan

I agree with this, use photos for PR and fund rasing.

Sea shepherd , now theres a cool.crew (I’ve seen the doc too ).

I don’t like the way some of these orgs harass folks for money on the street.

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So dont stop :slight_smile: i have yet to see a GP fundraiser harrass someone however. That is probably precisely because they are paid well and have a low quota.

Sea shepard is a pretty great name for a boat :slight_smile:

Common and they are infamously annoying on the streets of Europe . They are called ‘chuggers’.
I remember when Greenpeace stated promoting environmental issues here and they were going on about ice sheets melting and whales and I just found it incredibly irrelevant to the massive environmental issues we face everyday here.

Found it really stupid to be honest. Took them a long time to figure out they should be improving the environment here as priority.

Also being anti nuclear isn’t environmental in my book unless you have an alternative. So far I see NO alternative being proposed . We will just suffer from more air pollution .

The title of this thread and what i am talking about is one and the same…i have yet to see, or hear about, a single greenpeace fundraiser harrass people for donations. They harrass the government and dirty industry, which is GREAT and exactly why i support them. They have more balls than you or me to stand up against tyranny. Your food is safer due to such people standing up, respect is deserved.

I have yet to see a single instance of them playing bully to a an innocent civilian on the street…

Edit. Note they do the polar bear thing because the population here, and most places, are too dumb/naive/ignorant/sellfish/greedy/whatever to have a long term plan. Its quite dumb they use this tactic, but they use the polar bear and a sea turtle to catch eyes of the sheeple in orde to start caring. I bet every one of them would prefer this basic shut was taught in school and by parents how we need to live in sustainable life in order to allow our children to have a good life too. I fail to see why people are so up in arms agains this and yet line up for 2 days to buy a fucking apple whatever. Its retarded to the highest degree if you think about it.

Infamous overseas and I’ve seen some examples but it could also have been Amnesty …:wink:

Where…I checked their Taiwan website couldn’t find much .

Sure, thats why my above post stated as such. We are in taiwan, where greenpeace is not extreme and in fact incredibly beneficial to your, my and our next of kins’ health and longevity. The hate towards them isnt justifued at all as far as i can see unless someone has some real evidence to point towards their net negative results…

The only argument against them seems to be the exact same argument people that support old style electricity production (coal/oil) when saying wind turbines cant be recycled or solar panels cause pollution too…like, No shit sherlock. Everything we do causes pollution, the goal is to carve it down as much a spossibl e. but they are a very much more suitable long term sollution to tap into an electrical grid (meaning environmental constants, not finite resources hard as fuck to extract) and we ought to be supporting their development to become even more efficient. The short sighted approach is mind numbing.

The idea that people fighting for clean air, food, water and basic human rights is “extreme” kind of just reinforces their (greenpeace or anyone that lives in reality) point, no? How the hell did we get to a point where wanting these things is considered an annoyance or a bad thing?!? I honestly do worry about our future. When i was a teen i thought overpopulation was the main issue that would cause our demise, how naive i was. Turns out arrogance + ignorance is far scarier when coupled with ego then extrapolated with an entitled over population haha, WOW!

My experience with them is they do not take no as an answer and not polite at all. many times and following me talking as I walk, and treat my Eu friend different (do not listen to him as he he tells what a waste of time). Before I think they try do good, now I think they want money and sales after bad expereince on the street.

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Greenpeace has asked the United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) to intervene and investigate allegations of human rights abuse documented against the Taiwan international seafood trading company Fong Chun Formosa (FCF)


Some of their most important members left because of this issue, and the stance mysteriously started after they started getting huge donations from big oil.

This seems like another good thing. Fisheries here are pretty brutal.

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Greenpeace have been on them for years about the fisheries. They’ve met nothing but intransigence from the fisheries department, so there’s no will from the top to fix anything they raised. Nice move trying to play the US and Taiwan off on it though. But it’s the two-tier labour economy that Greenpeace have a problem with, could anyone with any sense of political realism see this being challenged?

The other big one is the oyster lease pollution. They use these styrofoam buoys for farming oysters that perpetually get blown and washed away, but then eventually back on to Taiwan coastline. If you put something sensible into youtube you can see the massive ‘snow’ like pollution the leases create which washes back up on the beaches of the coast. I think Greenpeace or other non government/charitable organisations come and help clean it up.

I think China and Japan both use the same oyster farming method too from memory.

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The first time I saw them using the styrofoam floats for oyster farms down in Tainan I remember being absolutely gobsmacked.
Are they still being used ?

Found this from August last year, which seems to indicate yes. Unless there has been some revolutionary change since then.

Very sad how ignorant the fishermen and consumers are here.
Of course oysters are also filter feeders.

The whole thing is a massive fail in terms of thinking of the bigger picture . The local government are pathetic for allowing their coastline and waters to be polluted like that.

Plastic pollution of farmland is also a massive thing. I see farmers use plastic sheeting to control weeds but they plough back into the earth , crazy stuff. Anybody else ever notice that ? I just can’t believe that is a solution for anything.

Never mind the hobby farmers with their polystyrene box containers.


I think there was a picture posted on here recently of a pineapple operation doing exactly what you mention, with the black plastic sheeting fragments ploughed back in.

It’s appalling and if you keep your eyes open you will see that they do this all over Taiwan.

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FYI: Most Plastic Trash Comes From Farms | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine