Ground water pumping is displacing HSR support columns … eature=sub

Farmers using ground water for farming has displaced some support columns for the elevated HSR. What to do? Fill in the wells or? Rebuild support columns (which is not a solution as they will sink into the ground again and again and again). I am surprised the govt hasnt stepped in.

That does not sound safe.

Well it’s a good thing there’s no earthquakes or floods.


Been a problem for a while, I blogged on it last year. Subsidence is a major issue all over the center and south. In Taipei pumping was halted back in the 70s because the city was subsiding. Why can’t they do that in the south?

Yep it’s a major problem in the South alright, passed through Hengchun area a few months ago, they have major problems with salinization of the water and also flooding due to the the ground water level dropping and actual ground level dropping. It’s mainly caused by fish farming there, destroyed the place. In other areas it’s for agriculture. The government has stopped the usage of some wells around the subsidence area and is extending the ban over a greater area now.