Group Movie/PC Bang/Coffee

Hey, I’m Adachi. I’m in Taiwan for about a month or two (also visiting universities here for contemplation of moving back in the future due to family complications) and I was hoping to find other English-speaking individuals such as me in the area to just hang and chill for a day or so.

As I really haven’t found any topics regarding a group meet-up or the such, I was hoping to create one myself. I was thinking of picking a day or so to just watch a movie, go to a PC Bang (I used to be a heavy LoL player until I quit for greater good, but I’ll never forget how to play that accursed game), or just get drinks and chat or the such. I’m also down for any other activities like a night market or something as someone else more familiar with the city could possibly guide me/us around. I’m in the Taipei area, near the NanJing area.

I would be willing to join your hangout. I have only been in Taiwan for a couple weeks so I’m not like tourguide status yet haha

Just a side note… Taking part in a “PC bang” sounds like something completely different than what I think you want to say. :slight_smile:

I thought the same thing- doesn’t help that this is in the D&R forum.

How does one bang a pc, anyways?

Anyways, good luck Adachi!

PC Bang is a Korean word for internet/gaming cafe if I recall correctly…
Those are called 網咖 “wang ka” in Taiwan

We can now debate where the term “PC Bang” came from.

Wang Ka is self explanatory though.

Wiki is your friend…

[quote=“ranlee”]We can now debate where the term “PC Bang” came from.

Wang Ka is self explanatory though.[/quote]

So people who Wang Ka are called Wan(g)kers? :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: