Group tour shopping tour

hi guys saw this and I think it’s really a good deal … K06100329A called them and they say it’s a shopping tour…you have to buy things…I have never been to a tour that requires you to shop…just how much per day do I have to buy? is there a min? what happens if I don’t buy? anyone been to those shopping tour?

It means you’ll spend lots of time at tourbus tourist/shopping traps. You don’t have to actually buy anything, but the tour operators may try to “encourage” you to do so, since the kickbacks are where they’re making any money off you.

I noticed this in the fine print, though:
5. 報價僅適用持中華民國護照之公民,凡持外國護照者,原團費加價NT4,000。
Apparently non-ROC passport holders get charged extra. :bluemad:

they say you have to go on the tour …can’t just check out BKK by yourself, is that right…what if you just fake sickness and go shopping by yourself lol

so anyone used ezfly? so far I only used eztravel…but now there are also liontravel and startravel sites. anyone used those other sites? I wonder if eztravel is still the best

yeah even with that extra 4000 it’s still pretty cheap, I might try it out!

Ha, shopping tours, well most of the tours going abroad are ‘shopping tours’ anyways, ‘Tour directors’, meaning the guy or girl that leads the tour will take you to some touristy shopping places so you can buy stuff … splitting with a local tour guide mostly … than up to the next place of interest … than shopping again …

Many if not most of the travel agents charge the ‘tour director’ per head they take on the trip … so, they try to shop as much as possible, take you to fancy restaurants, where they get a cut … and a free meal …

That’s how they [tour directors] make a living …