Grow marijuana at home?

Yesterday’s CTN news on TV showed an American guy who lives in Kenting grows some marijuana at his own house. The police found some potted little plants which exactly look like marijuana. This guy explained to the cops that these are just “seasoning” plants. But actually he already moved some plants to other safe place, so the cops don’t believe him. They still took the plants away to check out. This news’ ending was quite odd cause it said "since Kenting became one of the main Yaotou-zu’s party areas, no wonder there are people would produce their own drugs to make Kenting as a drug heaven!

Here we go again, first Huashan, now Kenting.

Everybody seem to believe that we foreigners are a bunch of sex and drugs crazed monsters.

Taiwan is still a nice place, so I don’t give a damm about the attitudes surfacing in the local media

It’s marijuana for god’s sake. It’s a plant. Grow up. Get a brain. It’s not a big deal except that the police and the government want to make it a big deal. In Holland it’s legal. In Canada it’s legal for terminally ill people. People who don’t know any better call it “drugs” to differentiate it from alcohol and cigarettes, etc.

Sorry for the rant, but it really pisses me off to see the police harass somebody who is growing plants for his own personal reasons.


As far as I remember, marihuana can grow to be a bit tall. A friend of mine grew then in his greenhouse. Well, when they started to peek out the ventilation ducts, his wife got a bit nervous, as the police has a nasty habit of renting a plane and take arial photos of suburban areas. I think he evaded capture. I have been told that the pot wasn’t too good.

Do seasoning herbs grow well in Kenting because of the tropical climate, or can they be grown outside in the north as well?

They can grow in the north as well. Denmark has a mild climate, so they can reach a height of up to 2 meters.

The friend I mentioned before actually told me that he planted a few in the local forest. He reckoned that the cops wouldn’t look there. However, I think that the deer population ended up eating most of it… Must have made the hunters job easier .

Forget hemp. Check this out from the Independent:

Ecstasy as cheap as a bar of chocolate for children By Sophie Goodchild Home Affairs Correspondent 28 July 2002 The price of the drug ecstasy has fallen to a record low of

Right on Wolf … but can you tell us how to grow an ecstasy tree?

Forget Ecstasy. It sucks. What I want to know is, who’s had any harvesting success (or maybe you know a friend of a friend of a friend), growing at home? Or in the nearby forests???

before you get all sweaty planning out yer dope harvest…think a bit…seems every year they bust a handful of foreigners for growing pot, and then the TV coverage ends…i for one would not want to be the subject of a follow-up piece “Living 5 years in a Taiwanese prison for budless plants:How bad it sucks”

Best grown in a temperate climate, with western exposure (very important).
Indica grows taller and faster, with 10" long crystaline leaves…
The rare indica seed can be obtained in SF, CA, medical marijuana, Triple A variety.

Better NOT grown in countries/areas with strict law enforcement and conservative attitudes.

Originally posted by Alien: Best grown in a temperate climate, with western exposure (very important). Indica grows taller and faster, with 10" long crystaline leaves... The rare indica seed can be obtained in SF, CA, medical marijuana, Triple A variety.

Better NOT grown in countries/areas with strict law enforcement and conservative attitudes.

ironically, best smoked in those places…go figure

Sometimes I walk around and just stare at the weeds. A tear comes to my eye and I think about how much I need a vacation. I heard you can get away with it in Thailand, but maybe not anymore. No way will I grow or possess it in Taiwan, but I will take a puff if one is offered.

Grow indoors. Regulate the height. Regular flourescent lighting provides the nutrition a plant needs. In addition, home grow bulbs are available from many different sources. I would recommend a combination of the two. Proper ventilation is required. I would recommend a small fan and some kind of duct. Note* the fan provides “wind” for the plants so that they grow strong stems to support better nutrient flow to leaves, buds. No small fan = weak spindly stems that can’t even support their own weight.
Here is a link, there are a zillion sites like this…
Buy a timer for your light cycle as the changing of the amount of light per day is what will trick your plant into thinking it is getting closer to fall. (time to reproduce before winter sets in

how long b4 some cheesy taiwanese tv show gets this post and says “See! Them foreign devils all grow and smoke the pot in Taiwan!”

I agree with the previous poster…it’s a plant. Grow it if you want to. Every few years I try to grow and get a little bit better results each time. Some more tips for yas…To germinate the seeds put them on on a small plate wrapped in very wet paper towel. Leave them in the darkness (closet) w/zero light for about 2-3 days. Add water if it evaporates too quickly. Then check. You should have some with 1/4" growth coming from the seeds. Plant them growth side down about 1/2" deep and 8-12" apart from each other. Keep it isolated from your regular living environment. (ex. a closet) it needs to be pitch black in there when it is supposed to be night for your plant. A very dilluted solution of 1 part miracle grow to like 50 parts water (rough guesstimate) is nice for once a week feeding through the growth stage of your plant. This stage requires alot of light. 18-20 hours per day worth. leave it like that for a month minimum 2 months ideally. water regularly, feed weekly. to start the flowering after this phase reduce the light by an hour every other day until you hit 12 and then keep it there until end. *note no feeding is needed during flowering stage just regualr watering.

I just can’t stop but I can picture you out there wanting this info so…just remember it’s a plant that WANTS to grow. It is not difficult at all. Read from a variety of sources and see what they all say in common and do that. Generally even if you get all male plants (no buds) then the top 5" or so of leaves are still very useable. (the top of your plant is by far the strongest as far as potentcy.)

So how is it that truck drivers can get inebriated and high on Kao Liang and betelnut and kill people without so much a s a stiff fine, but if someone is found growing a plant, s/he gets a jail sentence? Taiwanese (il)logic, I guess.

One question: Where would one hypothetically come by some seeds for the stuff? And is it worth the risk of being caught? Probably not, but it would be nice to know how many people are improving the atmosphere with these lovely shrubs…:shock:

It is not worth the risk here. People end up in jail for a long time here for doing so.

If you want to smoke dope, then try Holland, UK or Denmark, where laws are lenient. Here, you’ll get beaten up by cops, shown off with your single plant on a zillion tv channels, raped daily in jail for 5+ years and end up getting deported. Not worth a puff if you ask me.

You’re all DOOMED, I tell you. DOOMED!

Be careful you tokers. This could happen to YOU!