Grow Your Career - Panel Discussion and Networking

As the job market in Taiwan slowly matures beyond simply offering a smattering of jobs for foreign professionals, there are new conversations to be had about career growth. This diverse panel will discuss opportunities and pitfalls, visa options and company cultures, and much more. Come for the networking, stay for the tacos, courtesy of Tacos Luca. See you there!

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Will you have a section on career development in entertainment?

Yes, you can make your career in entertainment field,

Theresa Turner
Highness Cloud Hosting


Great! I would love to know how I can get more bookings for my act. I will bring my mate Arthur as well, he has a cool act of pulling rabbits out of a hat!

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Are you friends with Arthur The Magician?

Not that Arthur The Magician. The other one.

The rabbit pulled an Arthur out of the hat.