Growing Mint and Lavender in High Humidity Climates

I really wouldn’t clean things. Generally, it’s the microorganisms in the substrate that support the plant growth. Although not much point asking me, I guess, since I killed mine. I thought it was the heat, but that guy in the video is presumably in similar climate conditions.

Maybe I should try duckweed instead of azolla. Azolla looks nicer, though. My original purpose was to feed the chickens, not to eat directly. IMO eggs are a nicer source of protein, and chickens are funny.

“Bigger tubs”, regardless of what’s in them, are usually much easier to manage than smaller ones. Up to a point, obviously.

Thanks, sorry for the late reply. I always appreciate these posts…

I can see the logic in not cleaning things, cheers.

My Fu Ping grew nice and slow. Tasted, really, really good. Hard to explain. Almost like the “perfect vegetable”… like a really, really mellow watercress, with no sour or bitterness.

I started this thread after a really rainy May/June.


I realized, that my yangtai (I am not trying to be down with the locals by slipping in mandarin phrases, I just hate the word patio, it’s very bourgeois) …

I realized my yangtai has full on sun from 7am til 2pm. My landlord said mint and everything else would die.

He recommended rosemary.

I had a brainwave and thought I should research what grows well in Spain, specifically the Castellean plain. I went through there on a coach a few times. A little arid, but not impossible for plants.

I actually love rosemary, as a flavouring, mouthwash, and in the shower… so it’d be cool to grow.

Hmmmm, “heat tolerant shrubs/herbs” that’s the subject.

Although I suspect, as soon as I get all set up, God will open the heavens and wash away my dreams with His Spiteful August rains.

j/k… I actually love the summer rains in Asia… they make me feel so alive. While I do find the Local God of this planet somewhat aloof, it’s hard to prepare for either blazing sun or heavy rains, which seems to be what we get in TW.

I know I can move plants in and out… But I’d prefer to research something that can naturally deal with the weather we get here.

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