GTA 5 research

Remember a while back someone posted here recruiting people to do a study on a GTA 5 game?

Has anyone logged in and played it? What are your feedback?

My personal feedback: The game is HARD. I mean when you get in to this custom game, you have nothing, not even food. You must keep eating or your health decrease until you die (and when you die you must wait for a medic to come and revive you). There is no car, must buy one (but the newbie pack is supposed to give you enough money to buy one). BUT if you log out without putting your car in the garage you respawn when you come back in with nothing, no car, nothing. You must then WALK to the impound yard (which is often clear on the other side of town, have fun) and pay 15,000 to get it back.

No idea what is the objective of this game, but seems whoever made it likes to torture players.

Oh and an added bonus: If the server needs to restart or whatever, you lose EVERYthing. Guns, cars, everything. Now you must WALK to the impound yard (which like I said is often on the other side of town) to get it back.

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