Guang Hua computer market closed which Tuesdays?

Does anyone know the exact days that the computer market (the one that was located under the freeway and has since been relocated) is closed?

I had heard at one time that it was the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Is this still correct? Or was it the 2nd and the 4th Tuesday?

Thanks for your help!

Aside from Holidays, the market will be closed this year on the following dates…

March 28

April 11, 25

May 16, 30

June 13, 27

July 11, 25

August 15, 29

September 12, 26

October 10, 24

November 14, 28

December 12, 25

Hope this helps,


It does help.

For the record though, I do offer a delivery service for single or multiple component order.

My prices are the same as you’d find at the market give or take $50-$100 but I charge a few hundred for delivery. Depending of course on how much you buy.

Obviously the more you purchase the less I charge for delivery.
No more than $300 at a time though…

Just a note that only the market itself will be closed on those days. The other stores in the area (including the other plaza in the basement near by) are still open.

Yes, I just went down to the temporary bit (the 5 chalets) and it seems that it is no more. Did anybody hear an announcement about this? Or have I just gone there too early?

IIRC, the market is closed on some Tuesdays every month. Now I avoid going there on Tuesdays if I can.

OK, Happy New Year 2008, which raises some important questions, namely, which Tuesdays is Taipei’s Guang Hua Shang Chang closed? And, when are they moving into that new building?

Well, it was open on Tuesday January 1, 2008. I hear they hand out a card with the closing dates on it. Let’s keep our eyes open for that and type it in if we get ahold of one.

Sorry you didn’t get a reply on this. I don’t actually know the answer, but I’m sure it was mentioned in a thread somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it, but if not, I’d appreciate it if you let us know the times if/when you find out.

OK, found two threads and merged them, though actually we still need current info. If anyone knows the dates for 2008, please post them here.

Nam maybe?

The merged thread above had the information for 2007. I asked the author and he told me they sometimes have info sheets or cards they hand out there about this. I will post if I find out. Anyone should do the same if they find out first. It does look like they aim for the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, but IIRC there is an exception or two. Also curious about the new building.