Guanghua Computer Market Closing/Moving

The main computer market is closing for good tonight.
The surrounding stores will continue, and the other
subterreanian stalls, but the main building under the
overpass ist kaput. Anyone know what will happen to
all those businesses or if and when there might be a
replacement? Or in general WTF is going on here?

EDIT: Apparently there is supposed to be some
temporary place they’re moving it to while they tear
down both the overpass and the building.

is that the guanghua computer market your talking about? if it is…well…that sucks.

it seems strange to shut the place down. it was always packed when i went in

My guess … Taipei city wants to refurbish it or build a parking lot … :s

OK I found out the rest of the story. The overpass is there because there used to be rail track to pass over. But the train went underground into a tunnel long ago. So they are finally tearing down the overpass and the building (guanghua computer market) underneath it.

They are going to move those stalls to some other temporary building for a couple years, while they build a 7 story building with offices and computer market in the lot next door which has an agricultural fair. At least that is the story I heard, maybe somebody has more details. I also heard Taipei city-wide wifi will be in effect in a month or two… anybody?

It’s moving north a bit: … ordid=4764

I think I might have seen a sign on an underground mall south a bit, Towards the MRT. Maybe it’s moving there temporaily. Use to sell antiques or something. I may have misunderstood it.

Are the stores moving in to their temporary locations right away or is there a delayed period. I know that they shut the market down on Sunday evening. Would I be able to go to their temporary location on Wednesday to purchase some stuff for the upcoming Chinese New Year?
Does anyone know?

The stores on the street were good for hardware already, I only bought software in the crowded market.

I say pictures of the “temporary” market. Looks like a ustore warehouse. Should be fun.

It should be open now. They are supposed to move in one day. I will check this weekend.

The Guanghua Market stores are all moving to the southeast corner of Jinhua Rd and Civic Boulevard, a few minutes’ walk from the old location. All your favorite stores will be staying in business.

They are building the new MRT line through where the old market was; plus the old structure was unsafe.

I’ll miss the old place. I visited last Friday and took lots of pictures.

Any hints/maps/pictures for finding the “temporary” location? I wandered around that neighborhood for an hour or so last night and couldn’t find it…

You may have come across it, but the market was closed over the CNY holidays.

At the southeast corner of Civic Blvd and Jinshan Road there are five or six one-story blue structures. The stores are inside.

On the Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT Station Map it is where the “Jinshan Impound Lot” label is.

So, down a full block, to the left. Thanks!

[Kuanghua Market demolition - photos
refers to photos of the demolition.

The new Guanghwa is on the north side of Civic Blvd – it’s not exactly on Civic since it’s set back a bit off the street but you will be able to see it. Walk to the opposite corner of NTNU past the former bridge (where all the parked scooters are just outside of the farmer’s market)… from there, head westward on Civic past the scooters and look towards the north (your right)… it should be the 1st alleyway which leads to the parking lot where you’ll find the new [temporary] portable buildings. Literally a few minutes by foot from the old Guanghwa. Foot traffic inside the market is the same ol shiet – insane.

From your description you are talking about Bade Road, not Civic Blvd. Civic Blvd is the one with the very tall expressway over it, and the temporary Guanghwa market is south of it, not north.

Its a little disorienting since now there’s just a pile of rubble, and not only is the market gone but so is the road overpass. The new Guang Hua Shang Chang is kind on the far opposite corner of the giant block from where they hold those agricultural product fairs next to the old computer market. Its under the tall green freeway. Like the man said, e.g. from Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT, walk to the old location, then keep going one more block (to where the back of the old market was) then turn left and walk down a long block and its on the left at the next corner. Just follow the hordes of people and mopeds.

jlick – Your absolutely right… I stand corrected :smiley: (I meant Bade instead of Civic).

To clear any further confusion up… there are two ways of gettting there being explained here. One is via Civic, the other via Bade… I explained the Bade way hehe. It’s in between (Bade and Civic) – north of Bade and south of Civic. Norhtwest side of the farmer’s market. My apologies for any confusion.