"Guanxi' page broken

none of the sorting works on the Guanxi page, and can’t the “1…2…3…” page selectors at the bottom, they give a “Not Fond. The requested URL /3/transfer.php was not found on this server.” it used to work

Where can i find an explanation of the whole ‘GUANXI’ thing?

…I was just looking through the FAQ to find out about “Guanxi” but no info. I assume it’s a way to show other posters your appreciation for their help?

These might help.


Btw, G$ 200 to anyone who helps me write an FAQ for the Guanxi system before Tuesday, 18 February. Please post your entries here

Thank you! I’ve credited you G$ 10 for catching the glitch

I’ve fixed the bug

I later thought it was on purpose to relieve some of the pressure off the server.

It’s broken again now, but I think you know about it… :smiley:

Not working again

[quote]Not Found
The requested URL /3/transfer.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. [/quote]
But I’m sure there’s more important stuff to fix

Ok, done.

Thank you for catching the glitch – again! I’ll send you G$ 20 this time since I missd this thing again, too.


Working now, I’m very nosey about who’s been giving who k’ooahn-ssi :wink: but the Guanxi you gave me didn’t show up on the transfer list, or did you use your mod magic to create it out of thin air ?

Oops. I’ve transfered the G$ 20 I promised just now. I’m sorry for the delay.

Are you sure you didn’t send me some before ? My Guanxi jumped up without it appearing on the transfers, and it just did it yet again…
I don’t want any guanxi I shouldn’t have.

Shit. I honestly don’t remember. I’ve only been back a week, but I was dumped with a ton of work since Day 1 (and with my jetlag still with me) everything is still sort of a haze.

I’ll debit you now. Thanks