I saw a recent influx of guanxi into my account, but there are no transactions listed in the transfer section, is that because of the recent devaluation of our beloved cyber-currency? Thanks, Xpet.

That was me, you’re right, it’s not on the tranfers, I can only think that I pressed the wrong button and accidentally used my secret moderator powers to create the guanxi in your account without it being take from mine and appearing on the transfers instead of transfering it from mine. Sorry :blush:

BFM? embezzler? faith in the inherent goodness in Man has just been crushed. :frowning:

BFM? embezzler? faith in the inherent goodness in Man has just been crushed. :frowning:[/quote]Don’t worry, I took it from Bassman in the first place, so everything’s ok.
Here, have some untraceable guanxi, does this restore your faith in me ?

Now who’s been fiddling with me ? I don’t mind the hugh erection (even though 2 is worrying) but the French flag is just mean :cry:

… mine has just been restored … thanks, BFM!

I’m off to good ol’ Europe for a few days, bye, Xpet.

Thanks to the dude who gave me a half mill in guanxi.

You may have half a mill, and be a dude, but I’ve got a better avatar than you. And what happens when all the chops go away??

Now, if I could just have the title “Supreme Commander”, a Porche 911, a private jet, and control over who wins the next Presidential errection, I mean… election, in Taiwan, I will be a happy camper.

Oh, please give Lich the title “Village Idiot” or something even more vile.

I’d also like a mainland xiao lao po, hopefully one of those girls from that pub that was in one of the threads here, the one in Beijing, the girl on the far end of the picture… that’s the one. Am I asking for too much? :wink: Will my wife kill me?