Guard dog attacks my dogs

Im walking my dogs on the leash this morning and i go past a car showroom with a large black Tugo (i think), today it runs into the street and attacks my dogs. It has no leash and no collar. My dogs all grab hold of it, i have an American bulldog and a pair of old times. I get my old bitch to let go and pass the leash to a person from the lot. I then get the other 2 to release the dog, no one from the lot offers any assistance. The Tugo runs away. I take my dogs home and go back with a chinese speaking friend to scheck on the other dog. They have it sat in the office and it looks a bit shocked, it has some deep bites around the head. I say it needs to go to a vet, they want me to pay ? In the end i take their dog to the vet and pay, because they werent going to otherwise. Not out of any guilt over the incident. My dogs were only defending themselves. Should i report this incident ? The path is very narrow and by a busy road and this dog obviously is territorial. Back home id report it, whats the best course here in Taipei.

seriously don’t know… it would make me angry, but knowing Taiwan… not sure if reporting won’t just give you more trouble to YOU.

I love dogs… but when I used to walk my dogs back home even, that kind of situation was always making me kind of worried. Other dogs attacking mine scares me as hell… Hope it will never happen to you. If it was me, I’d probably change my route, even tho it’s not a real solution.

I wont go that way again. Im just worried it will happen to someone else. Its right on the huge main road that goes to Xiobitan. I can imagine a smaller frailer person being scared into the road. I also am worried it will just cause more problems for my dogs. They are i would like to point out, friendly dogs. They were left with no option today. But yes i will use a different route from now on.

Taiwanese have a habit of letting their dogs run free all day long. AT least that was old school Taiwanese. Nowadays what is worse is that many are simply caged up all day outside of their shops.

Of course with free running dogs. Sometimes other dogs come into “their turf” and the dogs will attack the other dogs.

Most dogs who are running free are able to stay out of traffic’s way, are not particularly dangerous to humans walking by but are going to defend their turf against outside dogs.

You did the right thing and got that dog looked after. It was the only decent thing to do, although it was not your fault.

If you were TAiwanese, the dogs owners would have demanded that you pay the medical bills too.

I dont mind paying the medical bill for the dog (and i mean that as in i felt very sorry for the dog on many levels, being hurt and then being ignored by its owners etc) . I am sure the dog is not directly a danger to traffic, im slightly worried that the road is long and its the path is narrow so people will be forced to walk past this dog. If it was a kid with a white fluffy being attacked they could fall into the road, or the small dog be chased into the road. But even though i have been here only a year i do realize that Taiwanese dog ownership is quite different to England. Ive met territorial dogs before but this one was on a whole different level and im sure that is mostly due to the path being so close to where it sits, and then the dogs view is entirely blocked until the pedestrian appears around the corner of the building and is directly (less than 6 feet) in front of the dog. If you wanted to design a scenario that would cause this situation, its perfect. Lets face it if it will fly at and attack 3 bullbreeds its going to go for most any dog that walks past.

i feel for you and you did good. anything you do is eventually going to end up hurting the dog. there are numerous things one could do, but probably the only humane one is to take the dog away discretely and put it in a caring home. Not easily done, the latter especially.

When i was at the vets, she was well behaved and friendly. Even though she was being hurt by the examination and with complete strangers she wagged her tail when we reassured her. What you say crossed my mind. The sad part is she was doing exactly what her owners wanted of a dog, guarding their property against intruders. She does deserve better.

I went to check on the Tugo this morning. Shes doing fine, the young lad working there is looking after her and says hes taking her back to his house at night. So maybe it actually has a bit of good coming out of it for her, hopefully he will continue to bond with her, hes certainly been keeping her bites clean.

You see a lot of ‘guard’ dogs outside building sites or businesses or houses etc etc.
I always get the impression, they are left to fend for themselves.
I have seen a lot with skin conditions that are ignored. I have lost count the amount of times I have seen a dog biting its back in the middle of the road outside its ‘home’ due to its skin condition. And the ‘owners’ not caring one iota.

They are not ‘pets’ to these owners, and I often wonder if the owners are capable of owning a pet.

Anyway, you did the right thing.

wankers! i think those guard dogs are more stressed out than anything.