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The Man With The Compound Eyes

by Wu Ming-Yi

book review
by Jack Parsons, 2 September 2013
Ecological fantasy

‘‘The Man With The Compound Eyes’’ is beautiful …but uneven

COVER by Joe Wilson in UK is superb!

Will this novel translate to overseas sales? It was first published in Chinese in Taiwan in 2011. They are calling it LIFE OF PI from Taiwan. IS IT?

good cover blog here … u-ming-yi/

''He remind me in a lot of ways of Pi from life of Pi .Alice was a women in despair when she found him ,This is so much a story about love ,loss not just in a personnel sense but also on a global scale ,the disaster that features in the book ,is a warning to us all .I was also reminded of footage of rubbish from the tsunami that has been up around the pacific actually shows how interconnect we all are .Also music plays a part although they struggle to get along the two are drawn together over time by music .A must read for readers that like something of different from the usual European fiction .I must admit the cover is also my favourite cover of 2013

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