Guatemalan hiker conquers Yushan

As per title. :bravo:

Hard climb, lots of snow.

[quote]Jaime Vinals is the first Central American was ever to climb Mount Everest which is the Earth’s highest peak. Also, he is the only person who from that region has reached the Seven Summits.

Yushan is hardly a “hard climb!” :laughing: Especially for a seven summiter.
A lot of snow? Define “a lot.” :laughing:

Well, “conquer” is used pretty loosely here. “Conquer English, come to Gram”… :laughing:

Oh, you guys are awful.

I’m repeating what they said… C’me on, we’re from Central America! How much snow do you think we believe is a lot!?

And it’s cold up there, it’s getting cold here. Brrrrr…

Actually, he’s climbed 25 mountains. :astonished:

[quote]Jaime Vinals is a Guatemalan mountaineer. He was born in Guatemala City, and studied biology at the Universidad de San Carlos. In 1987, he began climbing when he was age 26. So far, he has already successful climbed over 300 mountains in 42 countries.

On May 23rd, 2001, he attempted the ascent Mount Everest for the third time. He and others reached the summit of the Everest by selecting the less frequented North Col as their climbing route. In the year of 2002, Jaime Vinals embarked on an attempt project which involves climbing the highest peak of each seven largest islands in the world. In 2008, he has involved in a project “50 MOST PROMINENCE SUMMITS OF THE WORLD” which involves climbing all the 50 high mountains in the world. Till September 2009, Jaime has already reached 24 of them. [/quote]

Guatemala? Sure, not much snow there. But in Guatemala, mountain hikers have to contend with lava…

Nope, because we are not tourists and we do not climb volcanoes on the wrong side! :fume:

Told you about a gringo friend who decided to go solo on a volcano that was not allowe dto and got his foot stuck in a crevase and had to spend teh night there until a search party found him? That’ll learn him…

“The mountain does not kill. It is being unprepared, unreliable equipment, and underestimating the environment”. Vinals.

Well the third tallest mountain in North America is in Mexico.

Is this the same Guatemalan fellow who led an expedition to K2, Everest, and Broad Peak last year??

Maybe next year he can do Mt. Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales, at a whopping 1085 meters.

Then maybe the highest mountain in Palau. :notworthy:

I heard the tallest mountain in Florida is around 300ft of pure hell.

OK, so far he’s got:

Mountain Height and Countries

[quote]Montaña Altitud Países
1 Monte Everest 8850 Tíbet-Nepal
2 Aconcagua 6964 Argentina
3 Denali o McKinley 5,642 Alaska, EUA
4 Kilimanjaro 5,895 Tanzania
7 Pico de Orizaba 5,636 México
8 Macizo Vinson 4,892 Antártida
9 Pirámide del Carstensz 5,884 Indonesia-Nueva Guinea
10 Elbrus 5,642 Rusia
11 Mont Blanc 4,808 Francia-Italia
Volcán Mauna Kea 4,205 Hawai, EUA
18 Chimborazo 6,267 Ecuador
20 Kinabalu 4,095 Malasia
24 Volcán Tajumulco 4,220 Guatemala
26 Pico Bolívar 4,979 Venezuela
33 Gunung Kerinci 3,805 Indonesia
35 Fuji 3,776 Japón
36 Jebel Toubkal 4,167 Marruecos
38 Chirripó Grande 3,820 Costa Rica
40 Pico Teide 3,718 España
42 Gunnbjörns Fjeld 3,694 Groenlandia
43 Ojos del Salado 6,891 Chile
46 Ritacuba Blanco 5,410 Colombia
Ararat 5,137 Turquía
[/quote] … emplar=334

K2 not yet, aparently.

Don’t forget . . .

Yushan, Taiwan 3,952 m

Admittedly, it’s higher than a few of his other trophies.

List of mountains climbed in Asia:

Monte Shartse
Pico Lobuje
Monte Everest (ruta del collado Sur)
Tíbet (China)
Monte Everest (ruta de la arista Noreste)
Monte Everest (ruta del collado Norte)
Monte Cho Oyu
Monte Ararat
Volcán Pangrango (isla de Java)
Volcán Gede (isla de Java)
Volcán Bromo (isla de Java)
Volcán Semeru (isla de Java)
Volcán Kerinci (isla de Sumatra)
Volcán Rinjani (isla de Lombok)
Monte Kinabalu (isla de Borneo)
Monte Syue Shan
Monte Yushan
Monte Bukit Timah
Monte Fuji (isla de Honshú)
[/quote] … 80&lang=es

Britton Hill, a whopping 345 feet!